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McDonald's in Terminal 2 at Shenzhen airport has to have the worst fries imagineable. But it has free WLAN! Very naughty past two days in HKG. Lot of the saunas seem to have closed (shakedown?) but fun at Gateway made up for the lack of variety. I'd forgotten that most of the locals at Works/PP are hankering for foreigners exclusively. HK disappoints sometimes.
8th Jun 2006, 13:01   comments (0)

Hong Kong 1

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I'm at Works and everywhere I turn, I'm surrounded by "Mr. & Mrs. Smith on he video moniters. It's like having to listen to Phanthom Of The Opera over an 8 hour shift. But it's nice to be back in HKG nevertheless.
6th Jun 2006, 17:27   comments (0)

the boot

Happily, my firing has coincided with the release of Season 5 of 24 Hours on dvd. Unhappily, I've finished watching all 24 episodes last night over a 2 1/2 day viewing marathon. Tye back this afternoon after spending Dragon Boat Festival in Zhangzhou. Back to Thailand and his bf on the 10th. Getting a bit serious between him and I, although all the fun is much appreciated (and very good!) Dim sum with zms tomorrow; high hopes for this one even though I know I shouldn't. Took colleagues to the country club last weekend. Two of the girls really enjoyed it; reminded one of pubs in Manchester(!) DD was there of course. Then a couple of boys hang around Noel and I. Noel is smoking and will have a fierce hangover tomorrow. I'm wondering if the bar owner sent us the company. Of course, they proceed to drink most of our beer. DD's been messaging a lot lately, as has the one from bj two weekends ago. DD actually called work last week and spoke to the secretary - cheeky. No skin off my nose; haven't spoiled it for him yet by telling him I no longer work there.
31st May 2006, 10:33   comments (0)

weekend Beijing

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On the flight, lunch is chicken, beef, or fish. The woman in the centre seat to my right asks what kind of fish it is. Short pause, the flight attendent replies, "It's fish from the sea." Then apologetically, "I haven't tried it." Friday night, haerbin boy takes bj buddy and I to a 'for hire' bar. During the show, buddy swears it's better than Thailand! And very good rates to boot. So good in fact I take two (buddy will stick with haerbin boy). Turns out one is experienced and the other is a first-timer. I specifically tell the bar owner I want the two to perform on each other as I was in no way capable with all the hamburger helper we'd done earlier. They make modestly pathetic contact with each other later, but only with much prompting and prodding by yours truly. Anyhow, buddy ends up servicing both haerbin & tyro boy. Following night, last night, buddy calls tyro over again while I go out to des to meet DOB. Hear this morning it was rather disappointing. I reckon we're too nice (me the night before and buddy last night). Will get an update myself next time in town. Very nice to see DOB again as always. His goofiness is ever so refreshing. Unfortunately, he's O.T.'ing today and we couldn't arrange to meet up like we usually do in the morning. In desparation, call over boy from previous night again last night. A bit less of a circus as it's only him and I. Surprisingly and much to my chagrin, he's more serviceable when he's had a bit of hamburger helper (which we didn't last night) whereas I'm the opposite. Oh dear.... anyway, back to auditioning the tyro next time. Back in XMN tonight; facing the gallows tomorrow. Didn't respond to their demand for a meeting to do "a full review of all the fixtures" - two weeks before handover?!?! They already submitted a V.O. on Friday so all the effort everyone has expended up to now to maintain an actionable handover date was for nought (so much for her edict, "There will be no delays!!" thrown out at Wednesday's site review).
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Complaining there's too much debris at a construction site is like complaining there's too much flour dust in a bakery. And none so blind as those who refuse to see. Every fibre in me tells me the buck should stop here.
18th May 2006, 06:25   comments (0)


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The passenger beside me picks his nose non-stop. Then flicks away here, there. I have the misfortune of sitting on his right. I avoid the armrest between us. He wears ankle-length nylons (yes, nylons!) I know because he promptly takes both shoes off as soon as he sits down. The talons + assistant accompanies me to this site meeting. Since she insists on accomplishing in 5 hours what would normally take +7 hours, much to the HKG designers' objection, I have warned the designer & G.C. already on site to prepare to forego their lunchbreak. We are scheduled to arrive on site at noon.
17th May 2006, 13:55   comments (1)

another first for China

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I have never experienced, or heard of, a flight leaving 20 mins ahead of schedule. But there it was last night. Produced a bit of anxiety about if I was on the correct flight. And the fact it was supposed to be a China Southern flight but I was sitting in a Xiamen Airlines plane did nothing to inspire confidence. Would've turned out to be quite the adventure flying into an unknown destination (maybe Kashi? ... bonus!) but announcement was finally made that we were indeed heading to Guilin. The downside to all this was no one seemed to have informed the destination airport we were ahead of schedule and so ended up sitting for half an hour on the tarmac (in the plane) after arrival waiting for a shuttle bus to whisk us to the terminal building. And of course after about 15 mins of waiting, some of the passengers got a bit boisterous and rowdy; the poor flight attendants. And the PLA flight marshal was hopelessly useless, naturally, offering no assistance whatsoever. Finally got to my hotel at midnight. Anyway... The only reason I'm here is because BJ Kevin messages me at work yesterday saying he was here. I understood he was supposed to be in Nanning. Anyhow, there were flights so we end up meeting a week ealier than scheduled.
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When the 'ladies' make changes and the results are not what they intended (sound familiar?), the directive now (as always) is, "FIX it. And take photos!"
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