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Potter without a studio (college being remodelled), medical secretary, cancer survivor, would-be cake decorator, knitter (or at least collector of yarn), and general spazoid.

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Blankie made for my by the most loverly Pamela!! I
looooove my blankie! And it is now night-night time
for me.
6th Jun 2005, 02:59   comments (4)

Bronxelf's custom sushi set....

(viewed 861 times)
The lighter colour on the edges looks like marble. I
am excited about how it came out. Now the horrible
waiting for her to log on and see it.....*biting nails*
6th Jun 2005, 02:23   comments (11)

bisqued stock stuff...

(viewed 688 times)
...tall mugs, tall mugs with leaf under
handle...handled soup/chili bowls...wee bowls...couple
sushi plates...noodle bowls...and orgy goblets. (the
things on the bottom. they're not bells. they're
sitting on their rims. you can't put them down until
you're done drinking. I like them.)
5th Jun 2005, 03:38   comments (0)


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BIIIG I threw 42 mugs, 18 boxes and 18
lids, 8 plates, glazed and fired two sushi sets, and
glazed a bunch of bowls and stuff to go in the kiln
tomorrow. Could have used another coffee!
5th Jun 2005, 02:53   comments (4)


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Oh geez. How geeky and obsessed do you have to be to
have a Gryffindor red Jeep and a Quidditch license
plate? Some people need to get over...their...oh
yeah. That's *my* Jeep and my obsession. Carry on then.
5th Jun 2005, 02:48   comments (2)


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I really like this picture. Awesome flames. And now
it's the right size, cuz I did it wrong when I first
posted it. Go me.
2nd Jun 2005, 19:46   comments (3)


(viewed 851 times)
1st Jun 2005, 17:14   comments (1)

gianormous platter!!

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I made a hyooge serving platter! I think it used
about 10lbs of clay. There's lots of trimming away
once it's dried a bit, to make the foot ring and
stuff, and drying, so it won't weigh 10lbs when it's done.
1st Jun 2005, 13:25   comments (0)