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Potter without a studio (college being remodelled), medical secretary, cancer survivor, would-be cake decorator, knitter (or at least collector of yarn), and general spazoid.

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Found a tex-mex place in town we didn't know about!
Very diner-y and cool. Huge portions. So this is my
ground beef chimichanga, Kerri's cheese enchilada
plate with beans and rice, and Dave's Super Burrito.
Look at the size of his hand vs the size of the
burrito. It was over 3 pounds!! He took most of it
home. I took 2/3 of my chimi home. I also had very
spicy guacamole that was nummy. I took more than half
that home too. YAY leftovers!!
11th Jun 2005, 02:40   comments (3)

And more tattooblogging....

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It's very hard to take a picture of your own belly.
This is as good as I could do. I'm very mad because
this morning the stone came out of the belly bar, and
it was a gift from someone I love muchly. Right down
the drain in the shower. ARGH!! *much creative profanity ensues*
10th Jun 2005, 13:12   comments (7)

Next tattooblogging....

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Waterdragon on my ankle...the water goes down the
instep of my foot. The instep part hurt. OW. Also a
coverup - used to be an ugly little vine around my
10th Jun 2005, 13:08   comments (3)


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This is the hyooge coverup on my leg. There was a
very ugly dragon under that. Sometimes I forget it is
there, adn then I wonder why people are looking at my
leg - because if I wear shorts, I just have dragon
feet and skulls sticking out. *hee*
10th Jun 2005, 13:06   comments (5)

Potteryblogging continued...

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Next in the mug assembly line that is me, rolled out
clay cut into leaves, smoothed, and veins drawn on,
then on the tray to wait for mugs. Finished mugs with
leaves and handles attached, drying before sanding off
any rough spots, then bisque firing.I was short two leaves, and I could use some funky
mugs for myself, so I put skull and crossbone
medallions on the two leftover mugs. They're mine
now. Arrr.
8th Jun 2005, 03:57   comments (34)


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Gonna do this in a bunch of posts. These are the
untrimmed mug bodies, upside down, and then the nice
trimmed mug bodies. The hanging thing is the
extruder, basically a huge Play-Doh Fun Factory, which
I make handles with, then a couple handles and the
bowl of squishy clay for attaching them.
8th Jun 2005, 03:49   comments (0)

Can't find my way home....

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Those downed power lines are blocking the way to my
house. I had to backtrack about 15 miles to find a
different way home. Nothing was moved this morning,
so my 22 mile drive to work became a 37 mile drive to
work. *sigh* Thankfully, no damage at my house. No
phone or power until 5am this morning either, but the
cats and I just played by candlelight.
7th Jun 2005, 12:49   comments (0)

Yesterday's storm...

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Huge maple trees down over the sidewalk on the way to
my car. Whee. I just love storms. /end sarcasm
7th Jun 2005, 12:45   comments (3)