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Potter without a studio (college being remodelled), medical secretary, cancer survivor, would-be cake decorator, knitter (or at least collector of yarn), and general spazoid.

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...and the sake and teacups...

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Meredith and Adam's sake set and Japanese sort of
teacups, which were ordered by our lovely friend Leah
as a birthday present for Meredith, to match their
sushi set. (this was a great surprise for Meredith.)
yay!I need to make more sake sets. I like them muchly and
they are soothing to make.
25th Sep 2005, 19:50   comments (1)

Sushi set....

(viewed 1080 times)
Meredith and Adam's custom wedding gift sushi set.
(they liked it lots. this makes me very happy.)
25th Sep 2005, 19:40   comments (5)

blankie stealer

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Max decides my new blankie is *his* new blankie.
25th Sep 2005, 19:37   comments (4)


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Claymaking Sunday. Thats the pug mille that makes nice blocks of clay. that block on top was half scraped away underneath by messy student fingers. *sigh*
25th Sep 2005, 17:32   comments (1)

Flame job blogging

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They rock, and clash nicely with my pink socks!
21st Sep 2005, 12:49   comments (5)

More shoeblogging

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Yay! My new Chucks!
21st Sep 2005, 12:47   comments (1)


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I got a package!
21st Sep 2005, 12:45   comments (1)


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New tshirt!
19th Sep 2005, 22:06   comments (6)