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Potter without a studio (college being remodelled), medical secretary, cancer survivor, would-be cake decorator, knitter (or at least collector of yarn), and general spazoid.

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new bedding

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In the attempt to clean out my life, I have new comforter, new sheets, and new curtains. The comforter is crazy fuzzy, and machine washable! this makes cat barf much easier to deal with. And all the bad memories in the old bed stuff can go byebye now.
19th Apr 2006, 01:20   comments (8)


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One set sparkly toes. One stripy sock.
18th Apr 2006, 21:09   comments (7)

*ping* Dhamaka

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Top pic is the pot on the day it was born from the kiln. Bottom pic is taken with camera flash, sitting on top of my computer. *hee* It's just about 8 inches tall with the lid. The different looks of the glaze are a cross between metallic leopard skin, and melted crayons. And it even still smells smoky inside, from the firing.

Sometimes, I love my pots.
18th Apr 2006, 01:34   comments (12)

Hallway in the IS department.

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I feel like computers are going to attack me at any moment.
17th Apr 2006, 20:51   comments (2)

My fuzzy head.

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My hat is making my head warm. Half my hair is falling out and the other half is growing. Stupid stuff. Oh, and the pink faded out really fast.
17th Apr 2006, 20:46   comments (24)

Ping Dhamaka

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I have one like this left, in an iridescent over black. Like oil on water. Do you want a pic when I get home?
17th Apr 2006, 16:01   comments (7)

Today's kiln

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Red hot peephole plug and flame. Hopefully getting good reduction.
15th Apr 2006, 14:36   comments (14)

part of collection...

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sampling of my geekitude for collecting Harry Potter things
15th Apr 2006, 00:55   comments (6)