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Potter without a studio (college being remodelled), medical secretary, cancer survivor, would-be cake decorator, knitter (or at least collector of yarn), and general spazoid.

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A proper treatmemt day shirt. Since I am now toxic. Two left after today.
6th Jun 2006, 18:23   comments (12)


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Party in the woods?
5th Jun 2006, 21:43   comments (15)


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Love this stuff. And it isnt stingy today. Yay!
2nd Jun 2006, 16:51   comments (8)

My geekdom..

(viewed 683 times)
....knows no bounds. Yes, I have Bruce Campbell dolls. Everyone laugh at me now. =D
2nd Jun 2006, 02:01   comments (8)


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Goodies sent to me by the most wonderful Mandy, hereby known as "Miss Freaking Awesome Pants" =D Thanks sweetie! I can't wait to eat everything! Well, maybe I won't eat the earrings or bath salts...
2nd Jun 2006, 01:39   comments (16)

For Caine...

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my Bruce signature. *swoons* Love the Bruce.
2nd Jun 2006, 01:36   comments (5)

Iraqui kittens...

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Rog sent me these pics, that his brother sent him, of the kittens that their squad mascot had recently. Michael is in the Air Force, an EOD specialist, and is in Iraq right now.

But holy jeez, look how LOOOOOONG their legs are!!!
1st Jun 2006, 16:42   comments (12)


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Stupid cells. I have mucositis again. At least I'll lose weight.
31st May 2006, 15:09   comments (27)