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Potter without a studio (college being remodelled), medical secretary, cancer survivor, would-be cake decorator, knitter (or at least collector of yarn), and general spazoid.

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and little skull pots. Have much work to do but right now I need a nap. I'm going home.
23rd Sep 2006, 22:01   comments (19)


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colour in pic is a little off. It is rose pink and chocolate brown. Need 4 more skeins. Making me a sweater.
21st Sep 2006, 16:36   comments (10)

Hello Kitty Cthulhu!!

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Yes, it is a lime green Helly Kitty fabric Cthulhu!!! Meredith and Adam found it at Pennsic and decided that it simply HAD to be mine. I love him!! I chased the cats around with him last night. He rocks like crawling chaos.
13th Sep 2006, 13:23   comments (13)

new cozy

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because I'm still all about the skulls. I have mad knit skillz yo.
11th Sep 2006, 14:38   comments (13)

finished and healing

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Pic is a bit blurry but I love the result. Cute, silly, cthulhu-y without being dark. Just what I wanted.
11th Sep 2006, 13:21   comments (12)


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Was gifted some money to get this done so here I am!
9th Sep 2006, 18:11   comments (12)


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am in Halloween mood already.
9th Sep 2006, 16:59   comments (3)

Fwd: cold legs....

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so I put my weird socks I wore in this morning back on. People keep giggling at me.
7th Sep 2006, 19:18   comments (20)