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Wonkey Legs - A Plymouth Institution!
Hip Hop, Break Beat & Drum n Bass Classics!
Every Monday at Plymouth Student union.

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ha ha! mark, you the man.

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so as mike is too busy with his new xbox it's down to plymouth's 14th
best dj to do this.

thanks to everyone who has made wonkeylegs so successful, to everyone
that attends, to all the uni people and all the promotional people.
we thank you.

so it's been a rocky start.
the bass keeps cutting out for a few minutes, it's not me honest.
the room is too bright but we are still asking for that to change.
we know it's better in the smaller room but the trouble is there are
too many of us.

if we move in there now then not everyone that has paid to come to
wonkeylegs would fit in the room, which isn't fair.
give us a week or two and let's see where we are numbers wise and
decor wise.

we are gonna try and make slight changes to the big room to make it
feel more club like, instead of like the cafe with some tables moved
and lights off.
stay with us.

we hope you enjoyed the wonkey beans and the mix cds, we are now
looking at t shirts..
4th Oct 2007, 15:06   comments (0)


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just checking that I have this working..
4th Oct 2007, 02:36   comments (0)

Website up and running!

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Wonkeylegs website now up and running.
Be the first to leave your comments or pics of your wonkey night out in our


When n Where....

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Getting Wonkey!

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Getting Wonkey!
Welcome to our Blog.
Check here for updates on whats goin down.
Be sure to add us as your friend.

Website under construction....
More soon......
5th Sep 2007, 19:23   comments (2)