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I have a tendency to notice things that most people wouldn't think to look twice at. I'm like a child that way. A thirty-year old child with a fancy toy, but still... The cameraphone makes it easier to share them with others, but doesn't necessarily make it clear why I thought it deserved to *be* shared...

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28th Nov 2004, 20:47   comments (0)

My ferocious plant

All the little leaves are new growth, in the last month. It's also gained at least four inches since I repotted it. I must remember not to water it too much. That's how I tend to do in most of my houseplants...

I still don't know what kind of plant it is. Some kind of flower perhaps?
28th Nov 2004, 20:08   comments (0)

Cat tree, complete with cat.

28th Nov 2004, 20:07   comments (0)

The Complete Kwanzaa

Is it Kwanzaatime already? Jeez, Thanksgiving is barely over.

26th Nov 2004, 20:14   comments (0)

Troll Pussy


26th Nov 2004, 19:34   comments (0)


26th Nov 2004, 19:24   comments (0)


I'm meeting someone for the first time tomorrow and needed a current pic of myself in my usual out-of-doors garb. Nothing to see here. Move along...
26th Nov 2004, 08:14   comments (0)

South Bronx reprazent!

26th Nov 2004, 07:19   comments (0)