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So.. just what everybody wants... more pics of their favorite wingmaker. ;)

I'm totally copy-catting nige (and all the others on here who do this too).. and attempting to take a picture of myself every single day of 2008.

Also.. once upon a time... i wrote every single day. poured out thoughts and stories.. and last year, my moblog served that purpose in some ways... and it still will... but i want to use this daily space as a way to force myself to write just 100 words about life and how it is right then and there...


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Day Ten

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ten days. one cookie. ten milligrams. six seasons. twenty pushups. three hundred well spent dollars. one new jacket that i'm unsure about.

three books. one white paper. one article authored by people who used to just be names i sometimes referenced, but who now work with me. two spreadsheets of a weeks worth of ideas.

but you know.

these numbers.

they're just that. numbers. they don't capture.. the fact that...

today i saw a car like yours and ..... cried.
11th Jan 2008, 01:36   | tags:comments (7)

Day Nine

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sometimes. sometimes things are too hard, and the dark is too dark, and the heavy is too heavy.

sometimes. sometimes my work is too hard and i feel a little overwhelmed. [a lot]

sometimes. sometimes theres a little speck of something that gets lodged underneath the space between the c and the f key. [and it's annoying]

sometimes. sometimes listening to carrie and the girls are what i need to calm me down... [often]

sometimes. sometimes what i need is to lay in bed. [with you]

sometimes. sometimes i just want to be kissed in the rain, and be held, and laugh. [all the time]

translation: sometimes i know what i need. sometimes i don't. sometimes the day is too much to even face myself and my own words. [especially when the damn c/f keys wont work properly]
10th Jan 2008, 01:46   | tags:comments (3)

Day Seven

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more words in the morning.... tonight.. she sleeps.
8th Jan 2008, 04:15   | tags:comments (0)

Day Six

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do you ever...

have those moments where everything seems ok?
have those moments where it feels like the world is collapsing?
have those moments where nothing is right?

i've had all of that. today.

i feel like i've been put in the washing machine i was using this morning,
and someone put in the $1.50 and set the cycle to spin and is sitting back
watching me go 'round and 'round.. getting dizzier and dizzier..

on the other hand.

i feel like my car is stuck on one like a roller coaster track...it goes
forward and keeps getting absolutely nowhere... going towards places and
things that don't exist and seeking people who aren't there and won't be...
and who ever is controlling the ride, won't let it stop, so i keep passing
the station and can't get off.

on the third hand.

i feel like im a going a little nuts. lol.

a random lottery of meaningless tragedy, says ethan hawke... maybe that's
all it is...
7th Jan 2008, 01:14   | tags:comments (3)

day five

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only need 1 word: drive

6th Jan 2008, 04:04   | tags:comments (8)

Day Four

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"all the books you've read have been read by other people. and all the songs
you've loved have been heard by other people. and that girl that's pretty to
you is pretty to other people. and you know that if you looked at these
facts when you were happy, you would feel great because you are describing

"it's like when you see a couple holding hands, and you feel so happy for
them. and other times you see the same couple, and they make you so mad. and
all you want is to always feel happy for them because you know that if you
do then it means that you're happy, too."

two very, very soothing thoughts for me at the moment from my latest read
'the perks of being a wallflower' (choc, add that to your list, it's a super
short read). there's something about the first passage that gets me... the
idea that everything is all very familiar. that everything i like, somebody
else somewhere likes too. i need to be sure to remember that next time i'm
all alone in my apartment and it seems theres no one out there.

the second... man. i live the second thought. the rollercoaster of how just
seeing people together can make you feel. people you don't even know, even.
it's crazy.

tonight i drove home. even though i don't live there anymore. it's like,
lately, i've been struggling to find my place, and my people, and my role,
and (hopefully) my happiness. yesterday i was furious because someone said
to me that i keep waiting on happiness to show up.. and well.. it's never
going to. there is no 'i'll be happier when...............' and although it
totally pissed me off, it's true.

i have to go out and find it.

[wow, my thoughts are all over the place! hours upon hours on the highway
will do that to ya]
5th Jan 2008, 04:00   | tags:comments (4)

Day Three

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once upon a time, a song played: "am i gonna be lonely for the rest of my life?" and i wondered. i thought, 'definitely not.' but here, now, in this place, in this time, in this transition, for some reason i am finding it very difficult to believe that anymore. surely, someone besides me has thought they were going to be lonely for the rest of their lives. surely, someone has been wrong. surely.

today. was, in part, a disaster. a let down. a frustration. a failure. (or was that all just me?)

today. is thankfully nearly over, although the tomorrow i face is just as daunting. i've been wondering all day, what made me think i could do this?

i dont remember at the moment.

i hope
t o m o r r o w
4th Jan 2008, 02:52   | tags:comments (3)

Day Two

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fingers typing a million miles a minute. eighteen browser windows open.
skyping with folks on 2 different coasts. existing partially in a virtual
space. my new life. craziness. still nervous. still feeling a lot of
pressure to do well.. fit in.. shine.. rock.. and still feeling the desire
to just crawl into my red bed and forget it all and just wait for someone
wonderful to crawl into it with me.

edit: in my defense, 71 does kind of round up to 100.. in a loose-wm-style-of-interpretation. in my other defense, i don't have a bag of M&M;'s like someone i know and if i did surely, i could write the other 20 some-odd-words needed to make this a complete 100. so :-p
2nd Jan 2008, 18:55   | tags:comments (8)