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So.. just what everybody wants... more pics of their favorite wingmaker. ;)

I'm totally copy-catting nige (and all the others on here who do this too).. and attempting to take a picture of myself every single day of 2008.

Also.. once upon a time... i wrote every single day. poured out thoughts and stories.. and last year, my moblog served that purpose in some ways... and it still will... but i want to use this daily space as a way to force myself to write just 100 words about life and how it is right then and there...


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Day Twenty Nine

(viewed 812 times)
a day on the coast
where you discover coves
and stunning views...

really makes you think
about what it is that you've been

and what it is that you
30th Jan 2008, 17:15   | tags:comments (2)

Day Twenty Seven

(viewed 715 times)
should i or shouldnt i?
will i or wont i?
can i or cant i?


the coming week is supposed to be about
my friends
sitting and staring out windows
enjoying 65 degree weather after existing in the artic for months
being near the ocean
did i mention drinking?
lists on napkins
wonderment about the future
chocolate covered raisins
lots of coffee

in honor of that...
(and to get it started appropriately)
sitting at the airport on the east coast
waiting to fly all the way
to the west coast
im having a drink.

(or perhaps three)
27th Jan 2008, 22:08   | tags:comments (3)

Day Twenty Six

(viewed 618 times)
more philadelphia
more tears
more feelings

he said to me today
"arent you tired of it?"

and the answer is
yes, of course i am

but its not a switch
that can be turned on and off

(thats always my defense)

but, you know..
i really wish it was
26th Jan 2008, 23:32   | tags:comments (1)

Day Twenty Five

(viewed 751 times)
what good are arms
if they just ache?

aren't they really,
all about what they contain?
mine are empty.

i know there are worse things
i really do
but right now
in a hotel room
in a different city
wishing we could talk
(or hug)...

i can't imagine what that 'worse thing' would be.
26th Jan 2008, 02:37   | tags:comments (3)

Day Twenty One

(viewed 713 times)
there is nothing like

laying in bed
wrapped up in covers
and arms
and legs

eating breakfast
at the lake
on a blanket
simply talking

leaning my head
in that one spot
while we listen to the radio
sitting absolutely

playing games
and jogging
and kicking soccer balls
while i pretend to be goalie
and tossing frisbees

lazily draping legs
over one another
as we watch television
and talk
and kiss

theres nothing like you.
22nd Jan 2008, 02:29   | tags:comments (3)

Day Twenty

(viewed 696 times)
its been a week

ive been:

driving, crying, smiling, screaming, relishing, enjoying, holding, hugging,
feeling, wishing, hoping, squeezing.

i've been:

working, scrambling, creating, striving, thinking, learning,
procrastinating, working, posting, sharing, (did i mention working?)

i've been:

20th Jan 2008, 23:25   | tags:comments (3)

Day Thirteen

(viewed 738 times)
i put on his tshirt
and little else

and i lay down on my
and remember

i feel safe
and warm
and close to him
inside of it

i remember taking it from him
on a saturday

and now its mine to wear
on a sunday

his shirt
my shirt
he says
that we are intertwined
of how far away i go
and sometimes im a silly girl
(like yesterday)
and i cant feel it

today though
i felt it all day
in smiles i couldn't see
and chuckles i couldn't hear
and glances i didn't receive
but i knew
they were there.

and now,
i feel it
through his shirt.
14th Jan 2008, 01:19   | tags:comments (6)

Day Twelve

(viewed 688 times)
Sometimes, when we lose ourselves in fear and despair, in routine and constancy, in hopelessness and tragedy, we can thank God for Bavarian sugar cookies.

tonight, it's oatmeal cookies for me.
a 6 minute phone call that made me feel great
an hour conversation with an old friend
talking about boys
lifting weights
seeing dust on my mirror
(how is it already dusty? its been 2 weeks?!)
being unsteady on the bosu ball
but trying anyway
text messages
a particular email from a boy
and another
from someone i worked with and admired long ago
and a third
in a comment from J, about success and just being happy.
(simplicity is becoming wonderful)
a good movie
that had lines and fantastic vocabulary
realizing that this makes me a dork
going and running
and nearly dying on a stair mill
i mean, really,
who came up with that torture device?
understanding, maybe finally,
that its entirely possible to be on the verge
of good things.

(quote from here)
13th Jan 2008, 03:35   | tags:comments (2)