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So.. just what everybody wants... more pics of their favorite wingmaker. ;)

I'm totally copy-catting nige (and all the others on here who do this too).. and attempting to take a picture of myself every single day of 2008.

Also.. once upon a time... i wrote every single day. poured out thoughts and stories.. and last year, my moblog served that purpose in some ways... and it still will... but i want to use this daily space as a way to force myself to write just 100 words about life and how it is right then and there...


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day something something million and something..

(viewed 1174 times)

its been far too long.

a month at least.

i havent had a lot to share about me

i feel unfit, like i dont fit, i through fits...

but today
with you

everything fit.

(and i like that the coloring makes us look timeless... i love that quality)
17th Apr 2008, 21:40   | tags:comments (1)

Day I Don't Know

(viewed 1263 times)
even with
my legs wrapped around you
i couldnt hold you tight enough
to keep you
from leaving.
16th Mar 2008, 19:49   comments (3)

Day Sixty

(viewed 1381 times)
it was on this day
(picture day, not day day)
almost 2 years ago
that i began needing you.

i remember being there
dirtier than i'd ever been in my life
literally trapped in a field


looking to you
to make me smile
to save me
from all that i'd gotten myself into
and you did.

you did so fucking well.

and now
here i am
literally trapped in a field

and you're not there for me to look to anymore

where did you go?
2nd Mar 2008, 19:52   comments (3)

Day Fifty Five

(viewed 1386 times)
i am...

tired all the time. and i am fed up with it.

sad all the time. and im fed up with that too.

terrified of life. of life with you. of life without you. of life here. of
what used to be my life there. of what my life could be like anywhere else.

supposed to be this brilliant person. and i can't even write a paper. that
was due almost a week ago. and its dragging me down and following me around.
and i just cant do it... can't read all of those articles and say briilant
things about them. hell, i can't say anything about them.

i am...

in the dark
about so many things.

and although, i crave darkness when i sleep... i probably never told you
just how scared of the dark i really am.

i the dark... you can't see what's right there in front of you.
25th Feb 2008, 00:46   | tags:comments (5)

Day Fifty

(viewed 1338 times)
im copying chocolate
right now..

putting up a picture
that ive looked at a thousand times
just because
i like it.

i took this
picture last may
when i escaped to
tampa, florida
to sit on the most
beautiful beaches
and pick up the pieces

i was telling cindy earlier
that its funny --
when i packed hurredly
for my escape home
on thursday,
i forgot my toothbrush,
a coat,

but i distinctly
remember looking for
my passport
and bringing it.
20th Feb 2008, 02:47   | tags:comments (2)

Day Forty Three

(viewed 1324 times)
all day
we've laughed
as i've grumbled
ready to bite the heads off

(tonight i got to, hehehe)

it's been one of those days
where i really worry
if i belong here.
and if i do,
then why is it so

why is it so hard
to get things sorted out
papers filed
prescriptions filled
people called
things faxed
emails sent
reviews written.

i feel like
all i do is whine
and i really don't mean to.

there are good things....
giggling tonight on the phone
movies in my mailbox
facebook fun messaging
a smile on my face
thinking about friday.

good stuff indeed.
13th Feb 2008, 01:09   | tags:comments (3)

Day Forty One

(viewed 1377 times)
ten days later.

back in the cold
back alone
back to work
back to the struggle.

thats not to say
things are easier in california.
they aren't.
there's just more sun
and more friends
and more beach
to balance it all out.

it seems crazy to me
that i chose to live here
rather than all the way out there
so i would be closer.
but im still not
it's the same
amount of time away
4 hours

what was i thinking?

damn. i bet my laundry's finished.
i need to go get it.:-/
10th Feb 2008, 21:54   | tags:comments (3)

Day Thirty One

(viewed 1307 times)
Even though
this was technically
a few days ago
im still there in my mind.

i usually come away
from these weeks
in california

and i dont know if
this one will be like that
nothing eventful
has happened.

nothing exciting
has occurred.

nothing remarkable
has kept me awake late.

it's kind of strange.

so im just going to keep thinking about the beach.
31st Jan 2008, 19:34   | tags:comments (9)
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