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"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints"

Chief Seattle (1786–1866) leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish Native American tribes

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Not Limping At Last

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1. Very mild, wet and muddy.
2. 10 miles to Macclesfield.
3. Stockport away in the distance.

Me and Gunner traipsed off on a well deserved walk just as the sun lay on the horizon. Gunner never left my side until I assured him I was fine by waving him away to go chase whatever his nose picked up on the breeze. He was soon back by my side though, just in case, but I felt fine and thoroughly enjoyed our walk together. I've never known Gunner to be so attentive and obedient to the point of knowing before being told.

It was great to be out and to enjoy a sense of freedom, unfettered by pain at last, after convalescing for nigh on six weeks. I hope this finds you well too!
22nd Dec 2011, 18:39   comments (3)

Look Who Came to Visit

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1. Christmas smiles: (l-r) Ginny, Neve, Emma, Wayne and Hannah.
2. Brrrrr! Sad to leave.

Our daughter Emma, hubby Wayne and their girls Hannah and Neve, who were as excited as ever to visit Grandma, Grumps and Gunner, came to stay for the weekend after a nightmare of a journey to us on Saturday.

A journey, which took nearly six hours for them to get to us due to the heavy snow and ice that came down the previous night and continued throughout the morning into the afternoon. Unable to reach the overnight B&B;, high above Bollington due to the treacherous road conditions and on the advice of the police they managed to find another B&B; in Marple, which as luck would have it was only a mile and a half from where we were moored at Hawks Green. Fortunately everything turned out for the best and came together better than ever as we had been reluctant to move the boat to our original rendezvous point as they may have been unable to reach us by road. We had a great weekend that included a Christmas Dinner on Sunday with lots of smiles, hugs and kisses from Hannah and Neve when they saw the gifts Santa had pre-delivered for them to go home with.

Also some really good news. Emma put me on another regime of pain and anti-inflammatory relief, which within three days has cured my gout. The benefit of having a daughter who is an excellent nurse too. Thanks Em!
22nd Dec 2011, 11:38   comments (2)

Overnight Snow

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This is the view along the towpath from the galley hatch this morning.
16th Dec 2011, 10:54   comments (6)

Welcome Aboard

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Our pre-Christmas get together with great friends Jim and Helen took place on Saturday and, as always, we all enjoyed the day immensely. Unusually however, we forgot to take a photo or two to record the occasion. Still, great company and good food whilst warmed by the heat radiating from the glow of the woodburner made us well aware of the obvious discomfort being experienced by walkers splashing by in the rain, so not much of a photo opportunity anyway.

Until next year, seasons greetings to you both.
15th Dec 2011, 09:43   comments (0)

Gout - My Last on the Subject.

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1. Here we are moored at Marple junction yesterday afternoon while I hobbled around servicing the boat and Ginny did a quick bit of shopping.
2. Leaving Marple.
3. Enjoying the sunny calm before the storm.

Since returning to see the doctor last Thursday, having finished a course of prescribed steroids to start a new regime of prescription drugs, the pains in my right leg have returned with a vengeance; I'm now totally reliant on the Colchicine and Allopurinol, prescribed on Thursday for the rest of my life, to take effect and rid me of the problem once and for all. Only time will tell now. However, the only real relief I get is by taking a large dose of over the counter Ibruprofen and/or Paracetamol as well to get any respite from the pain, especially at night.

Should I have been referred to a specialist by now? This is now close to eight weeks of 'pain and discomfort', of being unable to walk properly and in all honesty the doctor hasn't instilled me with any confidence whatsoever. He never attempted to examine my foot and leg joints with any degree of real scrutiny; never checked my blood pressure despite plying me with prescription drugs; never mentioned or included my raised cholesterol level (7.2) during consultations other than when I did; he even asked me if I was diabetic. Shouldn't that have been part of the blood test results he had in front of him too? Shouldn't he have had the practice nurse do a good old 'prick' test? He spent more face-to-face time with his PC than with me, was late for two consultations with no apology and in hindsight has left me no better off than when I was managing my condition from information gleaned from the internet. In fact I'm left worse off and, other than seek a second or third opinion, my only sensible recourse would be to simply dial 999.

Here is my daily gout prescription drug timeline: 1/11/11-7/11/11 Diclofenac (150gm), 8/11/11-30/11/11 Naproxin (1000mg), 1/12/11-7/12/11 Prednisolene (40mg), 8/12/11-RiP Colchicine (1000mg), Allopurinol (300mg). Other than the Prednisolene steroid all supplemented by Ibroprufen (1600mg) or Paracetamol (2000mg) as required, which the doctor didn't question. Cost of the prescription drugs alone £37.

So there you have it. There are adults and children far worse off than me so that's the end of it. Having seen my Father and Mother suffer from gout, rheumatism and arthritis, me, Ginny and Gunner will just move on with our lives aboard 'wilvir', but ever more slowly, literally!
13th Dec 2011, 13:25   comments (6)

Spare a Thought

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At this time of year horses grazing in fields bordering the canal are either well looked after, as in the case of these two, or virtually left to fend for themselves, which is becoming all to common these days. Either way they are all vulnerable to the vagaries of the weather and can quickly succumb to a lack of basic care when temperatures drop rapidly, accompanied by prolonged spells of precipitation with no shelter or covers available.

So, if you see any signs of even minor distress amongst grazing animals, please enquire locally and let someone know. It will make all the difference and be appreciated.
5th Dec 2011, 17:38   comments (1)

A Brief Respite!

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The storm clouds part very briefly for the sun to shower the trees with gold and then was gone to be replaced once again by the gloom of sleet laden clouds.
5th Dec 2011, 15:37   comments (5)

Canal Boat Radio

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Keeping in touch 24/7 using the freedom of CB radio.
4th Dec 2011, 23:06   comments (0)