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"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints"

Chief Seattle (1786–1866) leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish Native American tribes

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Snap shots!

1. Gunner, out!
2. Funghi art.
3. A mossy wall.
4. Decaying farm buildings.
5. Bzzzzz?
6. Goyt mist.
20th Mar 2012, 15:23   comments (0)

Ransoms Galore

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When they've flowered tuck in!
20th Mar 2012, 15:09   comments (6)

Woodland Sculptures

1. Mouse emerging from the trunk of a tree.
2. Woodpecker.
3. Acorn.
4. Beech nut.
5. Commemorative seat.

These little and not so little gems are scattered in and around the grounds of Chadwick Chapel.
20th Mar 2012, 15:07   comments (1)

On the Way to Chadkirk

1. Moored just west of the opened out Rose Hill Tunnel.
2. The west portal of Hydebank tunnel.
3. Looking west from the tunnel towards Romiley Board Mill.
4. Walking through Kirk Wood awash with Ransoms (poor mans garlic). One of my favourite salad and sandwich ingredients. It was once reputed to be only good enough for bears; that'll do me!
5. A horse drink on the tunnel overpass.
20th Mar 2012, 14:54   comments (0)

The Church of Chad

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1. Chadkirk Chapel.
2. A lifesize wood sculpture of (I think)the cleric Chad surveying his parish.

This wonderful little chapel and grounds below the hamlet of Chadkirk is a haven of delights and a treat of a place to sit and ponder of times past.

I've walked the towpath over Hydebank Tunnel and through the woods down to Chadkirk every evening for the past five days; I never tire of the sense of times past and the peace of just sitting in the grounds. Magic.

The chapel grounds are a postage stamp oasis of tranquility - blink and you'll miss it, as many do.

Go to the following link for more information:
20th Mar 2012, 14:14   comments (1)

New River Spans

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1. Looking down to where the new bridge will span the river (three-o-clock on the photo).
2. A close up of where the bridge will cross at the site of the derelict Chadkirk weir.

This is the sight of a new footbridge across the River Goyt at Chadkirk, which will be completed in June 2012.

I'm never to sure about these new rural links for ease of access etc, etc. In this case 'ease of access', or more accurately, removing an inconvenience, usually results in opening up a tranquil wildlife haven to the blight of litter, dog dirt, graffiti, anti-social behaviour and the occasional intrusive buzz of a dirt bike. I really do hope I'm wrong as it's beautiful there.
20th Mar 2012, 10:22   comments (9)

The Wonder That is Marple Aqueduct

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End to end, in the middle and underneath as it rises majestically 100' above the River Goyt.
19th Mar 2012, 17:35   comments (6)

Friends and Treats

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1. Amongst other things, Martin and Brenda came bearing the gift of a 'Tower of Treats'.
2. Brenda and Martin overlooking the Torrs Gorge at New Mills.
3. Brenda with a 'Buxton' cream tea!

Last weekend our friends Martin and Brenda made the three and a half hour journey to spend Saturday with us. They then stayed at a B&B; overnight and returned home the next day, stopping off at New Mills to visit the Torrs Gorge and the delights of Buxton.

We had a great time together and enjoyed a roast dinner with the usual accompaniment of cake, chocolate, more cake, tea, green tea, coffee, pear cider, real ale and smiles all round. A proper catch-up!

We eventually reluctantly left the cosy warmth of 'wilvir' at about 10pm to say our goodbyes and part company at their car, parked in the darkness of a nearby country lane. All four of us were chuffed to bits with the day we'd had and looking forward to our next get together, which is planned for a long weekend stay-over and cruise on the River Weaver in the summer.
16th Mar 2012, 13:47   comments (1)