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"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints"

Chief Seattle (1786–1866) leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish Native American tribes

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Oak Wood Beauty

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20th Jun 2012, 11:01   comments (6)

Moored at Moore

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1. A summers evening at Moorefield Bridge. You can just make out 'wilvir', soaked in sunlight, through the bridge-hole.

We left Dunham Massey yesterday, taking on £100 worth of Diesel at Thorne Marina, Stockton Heath on the way through to Moore, where we are moored for a few days before continuing our journey.
19th Jun 2012, 19:18   comments (1)

High-Wire Gondoliers

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1/2/3. Perfecting their high wire act.
4. The finale.
19th Jun 2012, 11:30   comments (2)

The Bollin River

1/2. These were taken four days apart.
3/4. A view of Little Bollington Mill from the canal with fields to the left underwater from overnight flooding. Dunham Massey Hall is just behind the wall and trees bordering the flooded field.
5. Standing atop the Bollin River Aqueduct.
6. The weir at Little Bollington Mill

The Bollin River passes under the canal, not far from where we're moored overlooking Little Bollington Mill. The rapidly changing water level, with the recent heavy rainfall we've mostly all been experiencing, is clearly shown as the water races through the arch of the aqueduct.
15th Jun 2012, 17:37   comments (0)

Cold Play

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Jim and Helen head off north to Manchester where they will be seeing Cold Play play tomorrow. In the meantime we headed south to moor above Dunham Massey Hall where they will meet us on Sunday.
9th Jun 2012, 00:46   comments (0)

Dinner is Served M'lady!

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This is me-and-er having been invited to a 'tie-and-tiara' evening aboard 'Val'.
8th Jun 2012, 20:09   comments (2)

Wilvir's Progress

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1. Bunting flying from wilvir's aerial mast. Jim's excuse for an aerial mast is his barge pole sticking up from the bow of Val with the aerial gaffer taped to it. This photo was taken from the towpath looking up at the pound above Appley Bridge Lock.
2. Exhibitionist!
3. Just after taking this photo, Jim was waving his air filter to let me know he had a problem. You can see the M6 motorway in the sky above the tree line with the lock cottage below.
4. Alternator fixed and on our way again with Jim about to come alongside wilvir in Dean Lock.

We left Appley on Tuesday making our way, via Wigan and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, onto the Bridgewater Canal at Leigh, arriving at Abram where we spent two nights overlooking the flash before continuing to Boothstown Basin just west of Worsley.

As we waited to enter Dean Lock on the run into Wigan, Jim picked up an unfamiliar sound coming from Val's engine only to discover an alternator had almost worked itself off its mounts and was about to batter itself to death against the side of the engine. After a judicious dose of profanity and an hour buried in the engine bay, Jim had everything back to normal and we continued our journey.

Though not wanting to point the finger of blame at any particular individual, Jim did point out that a certain 'rescue' organisation had 'fitted' that particular alternator last year; hmmmmm! I think I'll stick to my own DiY 'mechanicking' thanks.
8th Jun 2012, 19:56   comments (2)

The Day of the Thames River Pageant

1. Bedecked with bunting.
2. Homemade Jubilee meringue.
3. Sharing the occasion.
4. Craig made the trip to London and took this photo at Lambeth Bridge of Clare, peeking out of the shelter, with daughters Emelia and Cydney sheltering in the pushchair. waiting for the river pageant to start.
5. Craigs photo of the narrowboats passing line astern.
4th Jun 2012, 17:30   comments (4)