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"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints"

Chief Seattle (1786–1866) leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish Native American tribes

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Moored: B29-B28, Shropshire Union.

1. Just us at Bramble Cut.
2. An overgrown stretch of the Trent and Mersey.
3. Passing the gateway to the Llangollen Canal at Hurleston Locks.
4. This balloon took off from the field behind us at Hack Green.
5. Moored just north of Market Drayton awaiting the arrival of Andy and Hilary.
6. Neil accepting his 50p winnings from our little fishing wager.
7. (l-r) Hilary, Andy and Ginny.

We've put a few hours cruising behind us over the past week or two since leaving Bramble Cut on the Trent & Mersey; we're now moored at Gnosall to wait out the Bank Holiday weekend before continuing south.

On the way here Jim and Helen came by road to visit us for lunch at Hack Green on the 'Shroppie'. We'd parted company at Dunham Massey some weeks back and they have since put little 'Val' on the market to trade up to a bigger boat. Hack Green is the site of a 'Secret Nuclear Bunker'; well worth a visit and don't be put off by what seems to be just a drab concrete building. It's a 'Tardis' of cold war history and exhibits.

Moving on, literally, we moored with great friends Hilary and Andy aboard their narrowboat 'Maisibert' for four days just north of Market Drayton. We're going in opposite directions so it was great to spend time together.

Neil, A good friend made during our time on the Aylesbury Arm of the Grand Union last year, also dropped by on Sunday to spend a few hours with us before returning home to Wilstone after visiting his Mum in Wrexham.

So after a busy few days (for us), here we are moored south of Gnosall in the peace and tranquility of open countryside. The silence only disturbed by the drone of an engine from a passing aeroplane, narrowboat or far-off tractor making hay while the sun shines.
23rd Aug 2012, 22:29   comments (3)

River Weaver Look-Back

1. A Blackbird fledgling. Gunner found him amongst the grass of an overgrown footpath
2. Sutton Swing Bridge 'rust-work' (what a shame).
3. A narrowboat keeps to the starboard main channel.
4. A bend in our wake.
5. Heading towards Dutton Lock.
6. Making for Vale Royal.
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'Inspire a Generation'

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What a great Olympics we're having.
5th Aug 2012, 11:20   comments (5)

The Splendour of the River Weaver

Just cruising.
5th Aug 2012, 11:05   comments (1)

Two for Twiglet

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4th Aug 2012, 12:02   comments (2)

On the Move

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Moored: B177-B176 Trent and Mersey Canal.


1. About to enter the 'Cathedral of the Canals'.
2. 'Bramble Cut'
3. The 'tipping' track.

After spending a fantastic month revisiting and exploring the River Weaver we booked an 'up' passage on the Anderton Lift to moor overnight at Marbury Park on the T&M; Canal just east of Anderton. The following morning we headed for Middlewich and are currently moored at 'Bramble Cut' for the weekend, where there are secluded offside moorings provided by the Canal and River Trust and superbly maintained by 'Broken Cross Boat Club'.

Bramble Cut was originally a clay pit with the clay used to 'puddle' the lining of the Trent & Mersey Canal. Part of the tipping track is still in-situ and was used to load the barges.
4th Aug 2012, 11:42   comments (1)

Always Look on the Wild Side of Life

1. Daisy sunshine.
2. Shaggy Scalycap.
3. A galley visitor.
4. Gems amongst the grass.
5. River bank wanderers.
6. More visitors.
23rd Jul 2012, 22:36   comments (1)

Running Repairs

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1. Primer and undercoat done.
2. Topcoat done.

I stripped and repainted this patch of damaged paint the other day, which has highlighted the contrast between old and new (well it is eight years old). So, over the coming weeks, weather permitting, I'll add a top coat to the rest of the roof.

A couple who happened by the day I applied the topcoat patch told me they'd paid £4k to have the roof of their boat stripped and repainted this time last year, only to find it's now peeling off. Ouch! Mine should last at least another eight years of having coal, logs, a saw- horse, plants and solar panels stored on it (fingers crossed). It's only paint after all.
23rd Jul 2012, 21:56   comments (0)