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"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints"

Chief Seattle (1786–1866) leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish Native American tribes

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Canal-Side Reflections

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Photo: Heygates Flour Mill, Tring. Milling still after one hundred and forty years.
26th Oct 2014, 17:15   comments (3)

Standing, Watching, Wondering

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This is the view from the bow this evening with the chill tugging at my shirt as I enjoy an ale and the aroma of wood smoke lazily drifting from the stove chimney now that the wind has lost its ferocity.
21st Oct 2014, 19:49   comments (0)

Easy Like Sunday Morn'

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Another memorable Sunday.

What is it about Sundays? They seem to have outlived the rest of the days of the week, days that have all but been ground into a nondescript clone of the day before by a lemming type rush to the tuck-shop illusion of keeping-up-with-the-Jones.

Urbanites, bored with shopping, scoff carvery meals with fisted cutlery, open mouths chamming into mobile phones, fingers and thumbs unsure of knife, fork and spoon, yet adept with a keyboard or touchscreen. Most everywhere these days too is the heavy, pungent stink of delusional cannabis users permeating street, pub and outdoor leisure space.

Away from the banality of the modern day and those who pursue media-led living, life really does go on. The seasons see to that, and those looking for a sanctuary of sorts , country life affords a haven, a refuge for those of us who treasure the honesty of living without pretence.

Sunday is a tradition, a comfort for all those who cherish the sound and timing of church bells; a beckoning ale and village pub chit-chat ; the unmistakeable aroma of a roast dinner; country lanes devoid of traffic; the fresh air awakening of mind and body; walks that excite the eye; a sense of peace; a refuge for busy minds; a respite from physical labour; conkers, shoe-shine bright, lying amongst the leaf litter; sweet birdsong; and a never-mind, guilt-free snooze......All this, and that, and more is what this day of days still exudes, a day of contemplation, of the almost New Year resolution promise of starting afresh and my life is so much better for what is for me THE day of the week.

I believe everyone is free to follow their own 'religious' or 'non-religious' beliefs, and there is no place on this earth today for those who would force theirs upon others. So, with Sunday in mind as a day that still gives us all time to take stock and smell the coffee for ourselves,  may your god go with you.
20th Oct 2014, 20:39   comments (2)

Faith Immortalised

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A couple of weeks ago a chance meeting on the towpath with artist Pat Walker, who paints for a hobby, saw her return yesterday to gift me a watercolour of Gunner. Such generosity is as rare a gift. Thank you so much.
17th Oct 2014, 10:43   comments (1)

Flying Without Wings

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11th Oct 2014, 19:15   comments (0)

Nestled Amongst The Reeds

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10th Oct 2014, 11:08   comments (0)

The Cloak of Morning Recedes

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10th Oct 2014, 11:04   comments (0)

The Wasps Are Gone

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Usually such a wasps delight, but this year hardly one in sight.
4th Oct 2014, 11:03   comments (0)