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This moblog site is a photo/text conversation between young people in the UK and Australia. The aim is to understand what it is like to live in other countries, using the weather as a common point of understanding.

If you would like to know the weather in Australia, have a look at the Bureau of Meterology site: www.bom.gov.au

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Mid Spring and the waterdragon and family are back

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In Australia we are into recycling and waste minimisation. When you live in
the bush as I do, you do everything you can to waste-not, so the birds and
the waterdragons get to have my leftover bread. They love it. Sometimes I
hear the cockatoos calling each other to come and get it and in a few
minutes there's a hundred of them squawking in my yard.
19th Oct 2007, 05:11   comments (0)

AUS: 1st day of spring

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Today is the first day of spring in Australia. Its been a truly beautiful
day with temps around 22C which is a bit warmer than it should be at this
stage of the season.
This morning I was hanging out my washing and the kookaburra came and sat on
the verandah rail and watched me. He stayed a long time and then saw a tasty
worm come out of the dirt below and flew off to get breakfast. It was a nice
way to start the day having his company.
The magnolia was in tight bud only a few days ago and see how quickly all of
the lovely new spring leaves unfurled. Sadly that means the end of the
magnolia flowers until next winter but instead we get to have the plum
blossoms for a while. This is usually a very windy month so the blossoms
don't last long before strong winds blow them away.
The blue forget-me-nots are a self seeded flower that I love.
1st Sep 2007, 07:39   comments (0)

AUS: Spring is one week away...

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The magnolia tree by my back door is just starting to come into flower and
the primula has self seeded along the side of the house. It makes spring a
very pretty time of the year.
26th Aug 2007, 01:59   comments (0)

Autumn, winter in Aus

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My magnolia tree is such a good way to see autumn, winter and spring (a bit
out of whack this year). We had a very warm autumn and a very cold winter.
Many days have been about 13C which is about 3-5C cooler than usual.


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Our Sycamore in Spring. Starting to come into leaf at last.
30th Apr 2007, 11:46   comments (0)

Autumn in Blue Mountains

From the storm clouds you'd think a brilliant storm was on the way, eh?
Well, no, we got about 5mm and that was it. The dam levels were down .2%
again this week to 38.3% of capacity. The drought continues. At least
we're not as badly off as SE QLD who are now on level 5 restrictions.

You'll notice that the gum tips are still red even though it's autumn. These trees don't seem to notice the changing of seasons. Much of the Aussie bush is like that. The only big changes are when things flower, or if they're Euopean/English imports- then they change with the seasons more noticably.
11th Apr 2007, 01:29   comments (0)

FW: Autumn is coming to Sydney

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29th Mar 2007, 08:24   | tags:,comments (0)

Around Circular Quay in Sydney

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