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Using any of the numbers below, pose a question to a world leader attending the G20 summit. Moblog has created this facility with our partners at Oxfam, G20Voice and Spinvox. G20Voice and the 50 bloggers attending the event will ask your questions of world leaders there, you just need to call:

Germany: +4921123702865

and you will be heard. Your message will be converted to text and along with the audio posted directly to the web for everyone to hear at and will also appear on the official G20Voice website

At the G20 Summit in London on April 2, 2009, bloggers from countries around the world will be there to make sure that the debate and commitments to end poverty and achieve a safe and fair climate change deal, are not forgotten during the current economic crisis, which is dominate talks at the summit.

Ask a world leader a question at the G20 Summit

If you are accessing the site on a mobile device simply visit

You may also nominate anyone who you think has a voice that needs to be heard, anywhere in the world. G20Voice will fly them here to London to be one of 50 G20Voice bloggers with press accreditation at the summit.

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- spoken through SpinVox
10th Dec 2010, 19:08   comments (0)

----- "Oh hi it's Corey. I missed you. I'm calling

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"Oh hi it's Corey. I missed you. I'm calling on behalf of David. Anderson and I understand you probably been bombarded with calls even email. So I'll be brief. Ok listen there really it's a simple quick later received 2 to 5 thousand plus weekly immediate cash flow with our(?) selling that thing or chasing friends or family. Prospects will be chasing you. So find out what we know and you don't even if you think you've heard before. Just take a listen to this free recorded details at no special charges will apply or be billed to your phone . Bye."
- spoken through SpinVox
11th Nov 2010, 22:20   comments (0)

This is a snippet from the Q & A from President Obama's Press Conference

(viewed 2416 times)
Please listen to the audio
"If you got out this this morning. Can you tell the American people back home who are hurting your family struggling. I think by the time we go down worrying about your job. What happens here today that helps the family back home in the Hart. Well I they took before we've got a mobil(?) account and if we're taking action in isolation in the United States but those actions ___ protected overseas then we're only gonna be half way affected. Maybe not even half. You say for example a draft to a client is UF(?) exports over the last several months. You won't get a company like Chamstillers(?) in my own state of the remark which up until last year was doing extraordinarily well. In fact export"
- spoken through SpinVox
2nd Apr 2009, 19:08   comments (0)

A snippet of President Obama's G20 Summit Press Conference

(viewed 2522 times)
A little bit from his opening statement
2nd Apr 2009, 19:06   | tags:comments (0)

Not a great of President Obama photo but I am far away

(viewed 2582 times)
2nd Apr 2009, 19:04   | tags:comments (1)

Hi everybody, I'm at the press conference waiting

(viewed 2389 times)
"Hi everybody, I'm at the press conference waiting for president Obama to give his address at the ___ 20 Summit and we've got we've got lots of people here waiting for him. I'm here with the blogers(?) and we'll be trying to see what he has to say. We might get another question in which is with Gordon Brown and our brother Richard Murphy and if you wanna hear what Richard Murphy said to Gordon Brown go to and I ___ and we'll update you more later. Bye."
- spoken through SpinVox
2nd Apr 2009, 18:42   comments (0)

Climate change the other side of the coin of the

(viewed 2306 times)
"Climate change the other side of the coin of the economic crisis and will this disasters affect the poorest. I heard Peter Mannist(?) on the Radio 4 this morning saying climate change would be discussed later in the year and won't be discussing it now which is ridiculous because the actual process of business and the way we actually run our lives actually will affect climate change and we know that investing money in green industries will be good for business and good for the world. So that question is gonna be put. That would be appreciated. Thank you."
- spoken through SpinVox
2nd Apr 2009, 15:18   comments (0)

Hello my name is Decon. I would like to ask why t

(viewed 2581 times)
"Hello my name is Decon. I would like to ask why the world developers movement has been excluded at the last minute from participating in the G20 summit. I does have forty years of experience campaigning the root cost of poverty. I'd like to know why their not there and somebody like Bob ___ is. Thank you."
- spoken through SpinVox
2nd Apr 2009, 14:55   comments (3)
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