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This is where I post pictures of cats on pink jackets and less frivolous things.



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Guu being sexist again.

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Just...Ugh. I only noticed the innuendo there.
9th Nov 2007, 14:19   comments (0)

Outside the guu

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What do lynched black men have to do with halloween? Political correctness hasnt gone mad enough. Idiots.
31st Oct 2007, 16:42   comments (1)

Emo moment of the week.

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Somewhere out there... a fratelli is pointing at this sign and laughing, unaware that this will happen to them one day.
29th Oct 2007, 14:28   comments (0)

Bookshelf watch.

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My dictionaries. Let me show you them.
30th Sep 2007, 12:35   comments (0)

Oh for fvcks sake.

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Disclaimers get worse. This is for pizzas :(
19th Sep 2007, 13:16   comments (0)

Wot all teh wimminz r angry about

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Rapist no 1 in forbidden planet. Eww.
17th Sep 2007, 14:22   comments (0)

in superdrug

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Barry m thinks we are thick. They used lorem ipsum to stand for latin versions of their products. Hahahaha. Fools.
1st Sep 2007, 15:59   comments (0)

On ur tv bein bored of festivals.

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Another old one of furry Alex.
29th Aug 2007, 21:26   comments (0)