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About Me:Darren P Millar

I'm a DJ from Aberdeen (Scotland) that's about me for just now!

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My Pet Hate: is TUESDAY, everything that has ever gone wrong in my life has happened on a TUESDAY! I hate it, it's now my day off so that i don't have to face the world! Don't make me have to suffer TUESDAY by asking me about it!!! I also dislike girls who drink pints, smoke and generally act like men!!

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The 'Chicken Hut'

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Hybrid of KFC and Pizza Hut i think? I don't know....

stuart paterson(Stuart-paterson-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I have tried the Chicken Hut,and beats KFC hands down.

10th Oct 2005, 23:27

Shona says:

Best chicken in Town

10th Oct 2005, 23:30

Arlene Smith says:

Union Streets first class fast food joint.

10th Oct 2005, 23:33

steve says:

CHICKEN HUT ABERDEEN,'the best tasting chicken in UK'

11th Oct 2005, 00:21

goode says:

i wouldn't go that far steve!

11th Oct 2005, 00:38

goode says:

all these Aberdeen users but where are your photos?

11th Oct 2005, 00:38

zaman says:

The Chicken Hut's chicken wrap is the besr

11th Oct 2005, 23:02

bob says:

I quite like the Chicken Hut

26th Oct 2005, 23:00

bmal says:

that mans tumb bends funny

26th Oct 2005, 23:01



27th Nov 2005, 13:49

Joe says:

thankyou for that mr anonymous shouty person.

27th Nov 2005, 13:52

speedsix says:

Greatest chicken burgers EVER!

16th Dec 2005, 16:45

Mikey says:

The food at Chicken Hut is fantastic, the best finger licking food in Aberdeen. Beats KFC all the time.

11th Aug 2006, 02:14

Steve says:

If all the world leaders sat round and had a munch on a two peice meal, there would be no more wars.

2nd Sep 2006, 18:59

yp(ya) says:

well i agree that its better than KFC UK.

try KFC in middle cant beat that

2nd Nov 2006, 23:16

Shaukat Ali says:

My favourite place for food

7th Mar 2007, 00:40

wasif rana says:

I love chicken hut

17th Mar 2007, 16:16

Peter says:

I have restaurants in aberdeen but i have to admit this Chicken Hut place has to be the best in Aberdeen !!! we a;; go there after our night out.

9th Apr 2007, 12:58

wasif rana says:

i love speedsix

25th Apr 2007, 21:23

Deepak says:

My favourite place after night outs

14th Aug 2007, 00:57

muhammad naeem(azamk4u-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

i am interested to take a contract of your frenchise in Faisalabad Pakistan my cell# is 923008668940. i hope u will give me a favourabe response

20th Nov 2007, 16:55

sean says:

I Fucked a chicken once. It was great!!!

10th Jan 2008, 14:02

Jerry says:

Me too. Pumped him good!

10th Jan 2008, 14:06

Yahn says:

You missed out, the chicken pumped me

10th Jan 2008, 14:07

pete says:

The Chicken Hut was the best,but now its TFC and the food now is all soggy

21st Nov 2008, 02:59

ct says:

KFC all the way

9th Jun 2009, 16:20

Omer Saleem(silverstone1-at-live-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

My faimly owns the Right of opning Chicket Hut branches In punjab so any body intresetd should contact.

1st Jul 2009, 15:21

Shams Mirza (be_good_be_happy-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Gud becoz em work alsoo in chiken hut but not in ENGLAND em work in italia c ya dude bye

12th Nov 2009, 21:45

Shams Mirza (be_good_be_happy-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Gud becoz em work alsoo in chiken hut but not in ENGLAND em work in italia c ya dude bye

12th Nov 2009, 21:45

Shams Mirza (be_good_be_happy-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Gud becoz em work alsoo in chiken hut but not in ENGLAND em work in italia c ya dude bye

12th Nov 2009, 21:45