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So, yes, the plan for today is to drink samples of sixteen beers in four bars and review them as we go. This flight's labelled 'Scotland Forever', so you know where we're coming from: left to right, they go like this.

1. Cromarty/Aberdeen: Stoater Scotch Ale (7.5%, Scotch ale with oats, brambles, honey). First one I've been able to smell before tasting (thanks to the BBG having the first mouthful of our 1/3 glass), with the brambles and honey definitely coming through. Very nice honey taste that covers up the whole 7.5%ness of it - the BBG recommends that it would be perfect to serve to children, like the Bacardi flavouring discovered by Jean Simmonds in Guys And Dolls.

2. Fyne Ales/Glasgow - SameWerking (5.2%, Rooibos Red Ale). Curious taste with tea overtones, nothing special. Drinkable, but least impressive so far. 5AM Saint - sorry, 5AM Red Ale - is the one to beat in this category.

3. Tempest/Edinburgh - False Provenance (6.8%, Borders Belgian Black Ale). Lots of layers to this one - very gluggable, but waves of different flavours come through as you're drinking it. It slightly loses its appeal over the length of a serving, which in our case was 1/6 of a pint, but it starts off brilliantly. Maybe it's a temperature thing, suggests the BBG.

4. Alechemy/Dundee - Smoked In History (5.2%, smoked porter with wood from an old boat or something). More obvious smokiness than the 5 Points we had earlier - however, there doesn't seem to be much else there apart from the smoke. 'Quaffable,' says the BBG, and it certainly goes down very easily.
25th Oct 2014, 17:44