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Very short stories to read at the bus stop.

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The Government Is Repressing My Meta-Textuality

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I posted my Google+ comment response here because I honestly felt I had achieved a personal writing milestone in which I had reached the apex of meta-textuality, a posh word for sarcasm, and a perfect confluence of every common theme in every conspiracy theory I have ever heard. It was my response to a series of Google+ comments on this story about a brave doctor by all accounts, of which the above is simply the most absurd out of a litany of absurd remarks. An alternative title for this short story could be:

United States My Ass

"OMG not marital law! That sounds awful! Pairing people up and making them live their lives together for the rest of their lives sounds like Hell. This all must be part of Obamas plan to bring Hell on Earth as the Book of Revelations says. I think 4 seasons of The Walking Dead must have been a warning - open your eyes people! The government has been leaving clues for the last 4 years that they they were planning to introduce a deadly virus into the United States. Remember the end of season one when they get to the CDC? That proves it! The government plan to release the virus against the American people through the CDC, via a legal loophole where the US Govt is honor bound to protect American citizens wherever they are on the planet and give them a fighting chance at survival just so they can be made to pay more taxes later. Despicable! Open your eyes people! Marital law is the beginning of the end and they just allowed gays to get married in New York and you know what that means!?"

Posted by jc1000000

2nd Aug 2014, 17:45  


Dhamaka says:

oh sorry

18th Sep 2014, 14:39

Viv says:

just found this :)

20th Dec 2014, 17:08