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FxCamera for Android review

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We review FxCamera for Android, a free filters app with a community to boot.

What is FxCamera?

FxCamera is a free app for Android with a simple interface and a range of filters that can be implemented on all your gallery photos.

When you launch the app, you’re instantly taken to the FXCamera stream, showcasing other users’ pictures.

To get into the meat of the app, tap on the large camera icon in the bottom right side of the screen.

Here, you can take a photo, import a picture from your gallery or find one to import from the internet and doing this will launch the filters options.

Filters appear along the bottom of the screen and you can easily apply any one of them just by tapping on the icon.

You can also crop photos from here once you’ve applied the effect, add white frame, brighten up the photos or add a white vignette effect to the outer corners.

In the bottom right corner, you’ll find a magic hat icon that will open up additional filters and distortion/displacement effects.

You can also add some symmetry to your photo to make it more of an arty piece rather than a photo.

Some of our favourite effects are covered in the highlights section below.

When you’ve finished adding effects to your photo, you can post it onto the FxCamera community, by tapping the fast forward icon in the top right corner.

You can then add searchable tags and a caption to get people talking about your snap.

The interface of FxCamera is pretty straightforward, but it’s a shame you can’t preview the effects in real time and the viewfinder isn’t full-screen, with a grey band at the top and bottom of the screen.

It’s handy you can tap on the screen to focus before taking the shot and change the aspect ration – either 1:1 or 4:3,but there are other apps that offer the same functionality and in many cases, much more.

FxCamera is just one of the many effects apps available for Android and although there is an extensive selection of effects and distortion, it doesn’t offer a whole lot more than other apps, unless you’re an active member in the FxCamera community.

A lot of people will find that having to sign up to an account is annoying, even though you can use your Twitter or Facebook account to do so.

We can’t see ourselves using FxCamera instead of the default camera application on Android, unless you want to add an effect. It just doesn’t offer the flexibility and manual controls we love.

FxCamera Highlights

How to create a water drop effect in FxCamera

The water drop effect is something we haven’t seen on a whole lot of photography applications on Android so we thought we’d mention it as a highlight. It works particularly well for water-based shots.

To add the effect to your photo, tap on the magic hat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and select water drop from the distortion menu.

We would find it a slightly better application if you could move the droplet around the screen, but unfortunately it’s just placed right in the middle.

How to create a soft focus effect in FxCamera

A lot of camera effect apps allow you to add soft focus, but the setting on FxCamera is better than many on rival apps.

To add the soft focus filter, open up the photo or import one and scroll to the soft focus option (it’s the last one in the list). Tap to apply and you’ll be presented with a dreamy-looking photo.

Again, it’s annoying that you can’t adjust the intensity of the soft focus as you can on more advanced apps, but it does feel as though you’ve used a soft-focus lens to take the picture rather than just overlaying an effect.

How to add coloured highlights effect in FxCamera

There’s a selection of colour highlight effects you can add to your photos and the success of each will depend on the general colour of the original photo.

For example, if there’s a lot of red n your photo, select red colour from the magic hat menu. The app will then identify the red parts and remove the colour from the rest of the photo.

There are only three options here – red, sky (blue) and tree (green and yellow), but we were impressed by the accuracy of these settings.

Getting the basics right: FxCamera

How to adjust the Contrast and Brightness with FxCamera

You are unable to make many changes in FxCamera, making it only useful for adding effects to your pictures. The only option for increasing the brightness of a photo is by tapping the sun icon after you’ve taken the picture or imported it.

How to switch to the front camera with FxCamera to take a selfie

You can switch to the front camera using FxCamera by tapping the top right icon in the take picture screen.

How to adjust the flash with FxCamera

The flash can be controlled within FxCamera by tapping the flash icon in the take picture screen. You’ll find the icon along the top menu – it’s the second icon in.

By default, the flash is off, but you can switch it to auto or always on too.

How to adjust the picture quality with FxCamera

There isn’t the option to increase or decrease the picture quality in FxCamera.

How to zoom using FxCamera

You are unable to zoom in and out using FxCamera, which is a real shame.

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10th Nov 2013, 02:42   | tags:,,