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More Melancholy Than Usually

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31st Jul 2013, 22:37  


Dania says:

Nice. Love it. :)

31st Jul 2013, 23:03

shitake says:

Glad you like it. :)

31st Jul 2013, 23:17

Jane Doe says:


Multiple exposure and reflections?

1st Aug 2013, 10:05

Viv says:

really beautiful

1st Aug 2013, 10:17

shitake says:

Thanks, taniwha.
Yes, delicate, that's the word... :)

But please only not "nice"!
You really think that my work is so lacklustre as the word? :(
In my opinion "nice" is the blandest word on the world;
in comments or reviews. more offensive than positive and for sure that's not a compliment.

Too honest? probably... but it just makes my blood boil to see the damn word again on my blog as the comment to my photo. :(

Jane Doe:
Thank you! : )

"Multiple exposure and reflections?"

Something of the kind. :) but less complicate technically, than it looks,
on the other hand, this effect, because of the colours and the delicate structures was more difficult than I thought...
Viv, glad you like it, thank you. :)

1st Aug 2013, 21:22

Dania says:

Hm. I didn't know you felt that way about the word "nice" :(. When I say "nice shot" or "nice composition" or the like I just mean that it looks well executed and the result is pleasant to the eye. Like in "nicely done"... it just means it was done with skill and delicacy and it worked out well (unless of course it is used sarcastically, which isn't the case).

But I agree that the word is overused to simply mean "alright", so I understand why you don't like it. And I'll try to keep that in mind. Sorry.

1st Aug 2013, 22:59

Jane Doe says:

When i read both Dania and Taniwha's "nice" comments I also "heard" an admiring intonation. Especially as their comments also used other positive qualifiers.

I often argue that the word nice is *not* insipid, for example a nice person to me is someone who is not " just" pleasant - a rare enough quality in its own right - but is actively thoughtful.

2nd Aug 2013, 08:55

shitake says:

Dania, thank you for understanding!
I'm sorry, I didn't think about your comment, there was the lovely "love it" then actually I forgot the "nice" here!
And sometimes you just need to say in the end what you really think...

Of course feel free to write everything you want! :)

Jane Doe and Taniwha, thank you for the nice comments ...
So... I'm wrong and only with that point of view...

I didn't try actually to say how bad is the word "nice" generally.
I meant only how the word looks, when is using in comments, reviews...
Because that's not the same at all.
Have seen many times the cold as ice responses for the "nice"
in reviews...
But okay, if you like the "precise" "clear" and "universal" word... as the comment to your photos.

2nd Aug 2013, 21:06

Dhamaka says:

wow what a discusssion! I hope you're feeling better now and love the subtlety of the image (and blue is my favourite colour)
hey - onwards and upwards.... :)

4th Aug 2013, 23:19

shitake says:

I'm fine, thank you! :)
It's just normal discussion. :)

10th Aug 2013, 23:06

mysteritmo says:


13th Aug 2013, 20:35

shitake says:

:D Glad you like it, thank you.

15th Aug 2013, 23:12

swamprose, nli says:

aha. Nice. Yes. A great question. On other sites you can upvote or like something and tha's all you have to do. Thing I like about moblog is that someone will call you out on it, and that comments mean something.

It's a nice shot, M, love the dfo.

16th Aug 2013, 03:50

shitake says:

Hey Swamprose, good to see you!
Yeah... I know what you mean, and the last sentence from your comment, shows exactly what I meant!

A few days ago somebody told me or rather did write this,

"But that's always been the problem online, you can't HEAR the inflection in someone's voice so you can't be sure how they're saying something.
You can't hear the smile in my voice as I write that(...)
You can't hear how
I'm being genuine when I thank you for your comment and pointing that out and letting me know!"

Well, the thing is, a word as 'nice' isn't enough independent;
usually needs some context.
And to me the word is actually empty.

How big part of your life you're spending online, blogging for example?

I think it's really a big part.
And how many things you could do instead!
Then, there is no reason, to waste your precious time, that to write form time to time a lacklustre word as "nice"...

17th Aug 2013, 01:27

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