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Dracunculus vulgaris.

I actually have this flower in my backyard. It's strikingly beautiful... and it stinks! It has a nauseating smell of rotten meat, supposedly to attract flies for pollination. Horrible, although the flies seem to love it.

This plant is older than I am at this house. My grandmother doesn't remember where she brought it from but from what she told me I can tell that her relationship with this flower has always been... complicated. At first, because of the smell, she regretted bringing it here and tried to destroy and eliminate it, but failed every time. Every year it flowered again somewhere else in the garden. Later, because of the beauty, she regretted ever trying to destroy it.

Personally, I'm glad she failed. This unique flower is worth two or three days per year of terrible stink in the garden.


Jane Doe says:

Very unusual!

10th Jun 2013, 05:55

mara says:

fantastic indeed!

10th Jun 2013, 09:09

Dania says:


16th Jun 2013, 00:27