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The Night Circus

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Book Three.

I am not usually a fan of too much or overly detailed description. I can find it dull, dragging the story along with insignificant details about how many buttons are on someone’s very specifically tailored coat or the exact layout and style of a room of no importance that half a page of story takes place in. I find it unnecessary. With The Night Circus, the vivid and in-depth descriptions are the whole point of the book. They were not insignificant or pointless, they created the entire atmosphere of the book. The plots were weaved between the world created, rather than elbowing useless details of a world into an intricate plot. And it worked. It could see it, i could feel it, i could smell it.

Without the world detailed in such rich description and specifics, the plots would be much more mundane and less thrilling. Even the characters would seem lackluster without the backdrop of the interesting, enthralling and mysterious Circus of Dreams. It really is a story to get lost in.

(Longer spoiler-filled review at:

Wendle says:

Oh i totally agree. I love dialogue. Incidentally, Brookmyre has written dialogue-only chapters in a few of his books...

17th Jan 2013, 18:50