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Three green fish and a clown fish means we're well under average for a thursday. Chuffed.

I like our new water meter.
10th Jan 2013, 19:14  

bethmadethis says:

I don't really understand the logic of the fish? Do they represent how many fish you could keep in that amount of water because if so I think you'd definitely have water quality issues from an overstocked tank.

10th Jan 2013, 23:31

mat says:

They're quite clever - you get 1,2 or 3 green fish the further you go below your average for a given day, then when you're 25% below average you get the clown fish as well.

The little beaker fills up as you use more (then spills over when you go past your average) and you get red fish then too. The tap has drops coming out of it when water is actually being used - a few drops for low flows, a veritable torrent for all-taps-on.

It's a neat system which works really well at a glance - rather than just having numbers on a screen - and it's a bit of a game too. Avoiding the red fish coming is a surprisingly strong incentive to be more careful about water use.

I think last thursday must have been a two showers, dishwasher and laundry day. That's about 300 litres. 41 is very low.

11th Jan 2013, 01:07

Wendle says:

The only thing i understand is the fish...

12th Jan 2013, 18:38

crickson says:

So how does it calibrate an average? Do you tell it, or does it monitor you for a while, or what?

12th Jan 2013, 20:20

mat says:

It monitored us for a week before it displayed the average fishes.

It seems to be quite clever - it's not a daily average as in "on saturdays you use 180L", it's the average use by that time for that day. "On saturdays you usually use 57L by 6pm"

12th Jan 2013, 20:32

swamprose says:

I like your new water meter too. Do you find you take shorter showers, think twice about things now that you can SEE your water intake?

15th Jan 2013, 01:18

mat says:

Nothing in the world could make me take shorter showers. Under our lovely big drench showerhead is one of the only places my back doesn't hurt.

But I am much more concious of being careful with water elsewhere. I plan to take a photo of the red fish when they show, but have been well under average this week due to the Girl being on holiday..

15th Jan 2013, 01:27

swamprose says:

am with you on showers. when I go camping all I can think of is getting to hot water and a shower..

15th Jan 2013, 01:42