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The Story of Bottled Water

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Dec 5th


Viv says:

not many of them left now

6th Dec 2012, 00:14

hildegard says:

Forces that do a lot of public order stuff tend to find them handy.

ISTR there was a plan to merge two of your local mounted divisions to reduce running costs, so maybe you'll get to keep some.

I'd rather have horses than water cannon & rubber bullets. Horses are so much more versatile - when did you last see a small child trying to feed Polo mints to a water canon?

6th Dec 2012, 00:34

Factotum says:

I'll have to go down to Old Montreal and see if the caleche horses have their Christmas get ups yet...

6th Dec 2012, 01:06

Viv says:


6th Dec 2012, 01:40

Jane Doe says:

I was thinking that they looked a little under-dressed, and then realised they were sans crowd control gear

6th Dec 2012, 13:05

hildegard says:

Yep, sans body armour & with Santa hat - much more my speed. :)

6th Dec 2012, 14:42