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The Hobbit

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Book Thirty Four.

A classic. I read this at school seventeen years ago. I loved it then, i love it now. Bilbo is just wonderful and lovely. I found the narrative voice perfect, and have never read a better omniscient third person point of view story. Re-reading this has tempted me to try reading The Lord of the Rings again...
23rd Aug 2012, 11:20   | tags:,,,,

shitake says:

Ah Bilbo is my beloved character, then The Hobbit of course is my favourite! ♥
And still waiting for the Martin Freeman's Bilbo. : )

23rd Aug 2012, 11:37

Herogram says:

Great idea! I might even pinch it...

23rd Aug 2012, 12:33

Wendle says:

shitake - I think Freeman will make an excellent Bilbo :)

Herogram - I pinched it from someone else, so please spread the joy!

taniwha - It is timeless. Even the booby thing, i love it. It was Fellowship i couldn't make it through the first time, but i will give it another go when i find my copy...

23rd Aug 2012, 17:21

Jane Doe says:

I've no idea how they're going to spin The Hobbit out into three films though...

Given how much you enjoyed Cornwall, you might like to add Patrick Gale to your 'to read' list. Notes From an Exhibition or Rough Music might be a good place to start

24th Aug 2012, 20:41

Wendle says:

I was just looking at The Hobbit film's wikipedia page. There have been so many characters cast that aren't even in The Hobbit! I have no idea what Jackson thinks he's doing.

Thanks for the recommendations. They sound very interesting!

25th Aug 2012, 13:58

CandyMan says:

I've never read the Hobbit and I've only ever read parts of Lord of the rings. I quite like the style but I've never been able to get in to it

25th Aug 2012, 14:10

Wendle says:

The Hobbit > The Lord of the Rings.

25th Aug 2012, 15:20

Craft says:

I pretty sure I was made to read this at school and hated it....

25th Aug 2012, 19:44

crickson says:

Agrees with Craft.

26th Aug 2012, 10:12

Wendle says:

Pfft. No taste :P

26th Aug 2012, 14:23

CandyMan says:

*The Hobbit > The Lord of the Rings*

If you mean what I think you mean Wendle, yes, Lord of the rings is a continuation of the Hobbit but they can both be read as stand alone books...Just not by me.

26th Aug 2012, 19:12

Wendle says:

I actually meant The Hobbit is better than LotR. Sorry. Nerdspeak.

26th Aug 2012, 21:19

CandyMan says:

It certainly has the edge if only by being about a 1/4 the size of LotR : - )

26th Aug 2012, 21:25

shitake says:

Sorry guys, I'm with Wendle, The Hobbit is just best, super, fantastic and brilliant! ♥
It hurts when somebody hates the book,means hates Bilbo! how it's even possible.. :((

26th Aug 2012, 22:06

Craft says:

Each to their own my darlings, it would be a very boring life if we all liked the same things : - )

taniwha: As someone who goes with guys body hair doesn't put me off at all, quite the reverse in CM's case. A few years ago (2009/10) he had a couple of courses of chemo and didn't even have eyebrows. Now, any hair at all on him anywhere represents the end of those dark days! I'm not telling secrets, I asked Glen if it was OK to say. : - )

26th Aug 2012, 22:25

CandyMan says:

And I have hairy toes.... : - )

28th Aug 2012, 08:59

Wendle says:

If we all liked the same things we'd be in Brave New World and high on soma ;)

28th Aug 2012, 13:46