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Brave New World

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Book Thirty Three.

I feel anything i have to say about Brave New World would be redundant, because surely everyone else in the world has already read it? And if they haven't, they should. It's very good. Though honestly, it also depressed me at points. I didn't actually like any of the characters. Really, a choice between controlled and doped up clones, island isolation and religious solitude? I'd've hung myself as well.
16th Aug 2012, 12:07   | tags:,,,

Wendle says:

I (think i) did not know that about Huxley and Orwell. Interesting. I think i liked 1984 more than Brave New World, but i did read that about 10 years ago, so i could just be remembering it more favourably. Fahrenheit 451 is on the to-read list. I need to find some utopia books to improve my mood, though...

16th Aug 2012, 15:47

Wendle says:

Not heard of that. I looked up reviews on goodreads (though i don't know why i ever bother) and shall keep an eye out for it. BeardyMan has made me promise to read Herland, and he recently read Looking Backward and liked it.

16th Aug 2012, 16:36

crickson says:

Pass the soma, I need a holiday!

17th Aug 2012, 13:00

Jane Doe says:

Herland is obviously rather dated, but very ground breaking for its time. Glad you're going to give it a whirl . Sultana's Dream is a similar era, but v different setting. Ecotopia might be another one for you to try, and Ammonite is one of my fave books ( but a bit frustrating because the novel basically sets a scene, but there are no sequels)

17th Aug 2012, 19:35

billion says:

a fine book indeed. this is what inspired the name of my moblog...

18th Aug 2012, 13:42

Wendle says:

BeardyMan suggested i start my utopian reading with Utopia, which gratefully satisfies my chronological analness.

billion, i've totally read the title of your moblog so many times, and now i finally get it!

18th Aug 2012, 18:36

Craft says:

Never having read the book under discussion, in fact I'm STILL ploughing manfully through *A game of ice and fire* but wishing to throw in my fourpence worth I thought the soma in Billion's moblog name was from the Greek meaning of the word...

19th Aug 2012, 12:06

billion says:

mr t and craft - those are interesting connections but I hadn't considered them before. I got 'soma' from aldous huxley, his euphoria-inducing legal drug is said to be practically mandatory in the future. I imagine that od'ing on soma might put someone in a soma coma, ie get them stuck inside a weird alternate reality that exists according to its own rules. it might even look like this. (the other half of the reference)

19th Aug 2012, 12:46

Wendle says:

Re: Soma. I love google. Soma and Soma in literature and music

19th Aug 2012, 13:10

billion says:

'soma' is also the name of a seminal glasgow-based dance music label, wendle. I think the drug reference wasn't lost on them either...

19th Aug 2012, 13:16

CandyMan says:

Hmmm.... Maybe we should start a book club..

20th Aug 2012, 12:16