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Honestly, I didn't recognize at first sight what is this exactly, but..


shitake says:

This is The Vertu Constellation Quest, phone of Irene Adler in "Sherlock".
A VERY expensive thing.
Kinda Rolex.
Btw, this time not my photo, and more information you can find h e r e (it's just my other blog :) )

15th Aug 2012, 06:12

Craft says:

Oh God I loved that episode of Sherlock. My favourite ! I might be in love with Mycroft ♥

15th Aug 2012, 22:01

swamprose says:

love sherlock, love that ppl love it so much we are talking about Irene Adler's phone. Can't do it, saving for an invisible bike helmet.

google says phone is £17,300.

and yes, Mycroft rocks.

16th Aug 2012, 01:39

shitake says:

Uh, I obviously love "Sherlock" : )
And Mycroft..
"Mycroft’s popularity doesn’tsurprise me at all. He is, after all, incredibly beautiful, clever and well-dressed. And beautiful. Did I mention that?"
--Mark Gatiss<
Especially in this scene *smirk* lol

17th Aug 2012, 11:34

Twiglet says:

♥ Sherlock
♥ Watson
♥ Mycroft

: - )

19th Aug 2012, 23:17

shitake says:

Oh thank you that you did mention also John!! : ) ♥

However, look here, you have written :
" Sherlock (Holmes),

(John) Watson,

Mycroft (Holmes)

Oy, he is just JOHN (Watson)..

Did you notice this whole thing with his name?

Ah poor John.
"The Reichenbach Fall"
really broke more than one heart.. :((

20th Aug 2012, 12:17

Twiglet says:

That wasn't a conscious mistake. I can't really think of John as anything other than Watson or Dr Watson... I love the pairing of the 2 actors. A shippers dream!

21st Aug 2012, 22:54

shitake says:

I see, fortunately in this series always for Sherlock is "John", not famous "Dear Watson".

Oh yes, absolutely, "A shippers dream!" :D ♥
And the slash(on livejournal for example) if you like it, is hot like hell! ;)

21st Aug 2012, 23:15

Craft says:

I occasionally Beta for a select few ficcers on LJ (also I Brit pick for a couple of American authors) and I can confirm the Sherlock fandom is very hot indeed. In fact my second favourite...... ; - )

22nd Aug 2012, 10:30

shitake says:

Uh, Beta :)
So which is your first?!
Mine is obviously Supernatural. : ) ♥

22nd Aug 2012, 19:03

Craft says:

Guess which one... But it's not the Wincest!

22nd Aug 2012, 19:39

shitake says:

Hmm.. have seen your profile here, means Tin Tin.. :)

As to Supernatural, to be honest, trying don't judge, have no problem with that, just love Everything about this show.

There is plenty of beautiful, romantic stories..
I simply don't like and don't read the extreme: BDSM, torture, rape etc..

22nd Aug 2012, 20:46

Craft says:

No, the Tin Tin thing is a joke. When I wrote that (before the recent film) there certainly wasn't any Tin Tin slash fic out there : - )

I won't read/watch/do anything that involves non con or dub con and mild BDSM is OK but not the extreme stuff.

CandyMan liked Supernatural on TV but I've never really been in to it. My favourite fanfics are from the Torchwood fandom of course Jack/Ianto of course.. ♥ I am Cpt Jack's greatest Fanboy : - )

And incest certainly doesn't squick me. I have never known any of my blood relatives so I can't even really properly understand the taboo... And Sam and Dean are very hot! x

22nd Aug 2012, 21:09

Craft says:

Jack/Ianto will always be my favourite slash because it's a real pairing in canon.

About Ianto's sexuality.. I don't self identify as gay neither does CM although I am very happy in the relationship. It's more that the other person just happens to be male too. Maybe it is like that for Ianto... Does that make sense..?

I really don't know that much about Supernatural. I'm tempted to give it another try, maybe download the pilot and the first series, take it from there. I don't really do ghosts and demons and vampires and all that so it would be a challenge for me.

I will certainly give CM a hug. He needs one tonight he has made himself sad looking at Wendle's pictures and remembering a happy time we had in Cornwall : - (

22nd Aug 2012, 22:44

shitake says:

I have to think more about that comment of yours..
For now(cos I too did read the CM's comments)
I'm going on my Tumblr, to find some special picture, for him and you obviously..
So I'm back,
The 2 are actually from my friend's blog.

22nd Aug 2012, 22:53

Craft says:

He's fine now : - ) I know how to make him smile x

25th Aug 2012, 19:50

Craft says:

BTW there's an interview with Sherlock here on video..

25th Aug 2012, 19:54

shitake says:

Thank you for the interesting link :)
For this I have for you this :)
Speaking of Sherlock you know, the three words to summarise the three episodes we will receive at some point in about sixteen to eighteen months (maybe.)
*Rat, Wedding, Bow* ..

26th Aug 2012, 22:25

CandyMan says:

: - )

28th Aug 2012, 09:01

shitake says:

I need this smile, especially today..
And for you,crazy Jared and Jensen :D :D

28th Aug 2012, 23:55

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