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When vanity is clearly not an option.......... crank up the contrast!

I'm back !!! slightly different angle to this now. More of a personal daily journal. I may or may not post a portriat of my ugly mug, you may get a bit of me!!!

I'm not going to make any grand promises about sticking it out to the end and I'm already wondering whether this is a daft thing to do, but alot continues to challenge and engage me over the years, I need somewhere to put it all into perspective. WARNING: occasionally I am want to outrageous ranting. I did beleive for a very brief period of time this was due to an age related condition, then I had to acknowledge I've always been a bit of a

I originally started this along with nige and a few others back in June 2007 and as I discovered it would prove much more difficult than I had anticipated. I enjoyed it all very much and I think at the time I beleive my portrait photography greatly improved. The Other Nutters are:-

365 Degrees of Kyoob.
Joker 365 X.
Mikey 365.
My defective ear.
My left ear. :(
See me.
Sexy Investment. :(
Slice of life.

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Olympic Torch Relay

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Am totally exhausted from today.This morning I helped escort 400 school children to see the torch go through the town. Then later we took our older kids to see the torch at another venue. Glad we saw the torch.
6th Jul 2012, 22:54   | tags:,,,


540air says:

It was quite a hectic day, glad we did it though

6th Jul 2012, 23:55

mysteritmo says:

Great shot!

7th Jul 2012, 00:13

Viv says:

the cocentration in the creased eye :)

7th Jul 2012, 00:52

WhoseShoes says:

Thanks mysteritmo. Viv I can put my fingers in those crows feet !.

7th Jul 2012, 06:57