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pull my wood

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Light pull what I made from padouk and African blackwood. I am covered in orange sawdust.
27th Jun 2012, 18:03   | tags:

Helen says:


27th Jun 2012, 20:23

Viv says:

thats what you do with the small pieces you buy :) Very nice.

27th Jun 2012, 22:07

bethmadethis says:

This is fantastic.

27th Jun 2012, 23:10

mat says:

Thanks Dawsons! :) Especially Beth, Maker of Lovely Things.

Viv - not quite. This was just practice - I need to level up my woodworking skill a bit. Those little bits of wood are for something far more exciting, which will be revealed in due course.

27th Jun 2012, 23:20

bethmadethis says:

I'd like to make some stuff with this nice wood we should collaborate some time.

This is so tactile looking and perfect for a light pull, I like the extravagance of it too.

27th Jun 2012, 23:44

Helen says:

Hmmmmm, I think the Dawsons are subconsciously wood-fetishistic.

Beth, Laurence was telling me that he had been setting bits of wood in jewellery. Pendants I think.

27th Jun 2012, 23:49

mat says:

It is absolutely lovely to hold, if I do say so myself. I went all the way down to the 1200 grit paper and then worked in a crapload of beeswax. It's a joy to turn the lights on or off.

27th Jun 2012, 23:51

Helen says:

(I'm kind of glad that Steve doesn't make it over this way these days, he'd be having a field day right now.)

28th Jun 2012, 00:29

crickson says:

It looks lovely!

28th Jun 2012, 12:43

mat says:

Commissions are available. Although given how long this took, not sure if I can make it worth my time without charging quite crazy amounts of money... :)

28th Jun 2012, 13:01

Twiglet says:

I wish you many years of happy pulling...

28th Jun 2012, 14:49

MaggieD says:


28th Jun 2012, 20:32

billion says:

another gorgeous bit of wood right there...

29th Jun 2012, 12:35

WhoseShoes says:

I can almost feel the velvetty texture of the wood.

1st Jul 2012, 10:51