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ploughing the arable farmland
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loch lomond diabolo

loch lomond diabolo
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easter weekend on the shores of loch lomond.

much fun was had walking and cycling around the loch, viewing the beautiful scottish landscape, and... spinning an hourglass shaped piece of plastic on a bit of string.

above is my first attempt at putting together a full length diabolo performance video. what do you think, any good? there's a larger version of the video with better sound at this link.

thanks to twilite for letting me use their song in this video. you can find out all about them here.

Wendle says:

Nice shots! I had started to wonder who took all your photos/videos, is that them in photo three? :)

Re: the video, i was just waiting for it to drop in the water! Also, how do you not tie that string up in knots?

12th Apr 2012, 14:22

billion says:

mjz (my Significant Other Half - in pic 3) shot the video on my mobile phone. I did drop the diabolo in some deep water one time and risked leg amputation after braving the freezing loch waters to fish it out again. as for tieing the string in knots - the trick is to try not to do that!

12th Apr 2012, 14:30

Viv says:

like all these

12th Apr 2012, 14:48

billion says:

thanx viv!

12th Apr 2012, 14:56

Twiglet says:

Faved @2, lovely set and movie : - )

12th Apr 2012, 16:46

MaggieD says:

Such skill in such a beautiful landscape ....

12th Apr 2012, 17:21

billion says:

thanx twiglet, there was a load of pics with that spiky lens flare that I was thinking of posting as a series. maggie, the landscape is amazing up there.

12th Apr 2012, 17:25

billion says:

greetings good sir or madam!

15th Apr 2012, 11:45

Dania says:

The shots are amazing. Loved the video, too.

15th Apr 2012, 20:37

billion says:

thanx dania!

16th Apr 2012, 09:33

swamprose says:

that video is pretty amazing.

24th Apr 2012, 13:32

billion says:

thanx swamprose! the version on is better quality.

24th Apr 2012, 14:00