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black diabolo

black diabolo
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it was an impulse buy... as much as I love my brightly coloured glary taibolos, I just couldn't shake the thought that owning a jet black diabolo would be completely awesome. so I bought a black taibolo super v2 and a reel of black string, and covered up the diabolo's washers (which are white) with black tape.

now I'm feeling truly evil... bwahahahahahaaa!!
28th Mar 2012, 20:46   | tags:,,

mat says:

Very pretty. I've always wanted a taibolo. My pink/black Henrys will have to do though. :)

Nice moves too. That suicide at the end is particularly sweet.

28th Mar 2012, 21:09

Earthlad says:

Dam all I got was 7 seconds of "black screen " or was that the joke? Lol

28th Mar 2012, 21:58

Earthlad says:

Ok I got it. Nice finish

28th Mar 2012, 22:00

Wendle says:

It goes very nicely with your top.

29th Mar 2012, 08:14

billion says:

m - I opted for the taibolos because compared to most pro diabolos they're very light (and shiny!). the super v2 is weighted at the edges which keeps it nice and stable. had to get rid of my 300g babache eagle because it was doing my back in!

e - that would have been a spectacular joke. shame I didn't intend it...

w - cheers. now I'm planning to buy a black and red striped diabolo to go with my black top :D

29th Mar 2012, 16:07

Now waiting for the black and red stripe diabolo video ;)

29th Mar 2012, 16:45

Wendle says:

...Was finally able to watch the video. It's like a giant crazy yo-yo. I'm sure you 'walked the dog' at some point. I like it.

29th Mar 2012, 17:14

Dhamaka says:

daibolically coloured diabolo
love the video.. looks like challenging fun

30th Mar 2012, 10:08

billion says:

if anyone wants to see how the masters do it, check out:

(I have watched that video soooo many times!)

30th Mar 2012, 22:20

MaggieD says:

Wow that is brilliant, how about invisable string and the sticks made out of clear acrylic ....

31st Mar 2012, 17:31

billion says:

maggied - I used to have a pair of carbon fiber sticks (which are semi-transparent) but they kept on breaking!

2nd Apr 2012, 23:52

mat says:

Maggie - I've done black sticks/string/makeup/clothing and glow-in-the-dark diablo with a routine done in darkness a couple of times. Looks great, but awkward to perform!

That BJC video is impressive, but I'll raise you this:

3rd Apr 2012, 00:19

billion says:

mat - spectacular! I hadn't seen that video before. ok, I'll raise you the sharpe brothers:

3rd Apr 2012, 10:56