Red Filbert has attractive red leaves and produces small but very tasty nuts

by FilbertFox

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Wheel envy.

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I might buy one if I ever get any compensation if my solicitor ever gets his act together.
28th Jan 2012, 11:20  


28th Jan 2012, 11:22

Viv says:

maybe you needa different solicitor

28th Jan 2012, 11:30

Viv says:

tis cute

28th Jan 2012, 11:30

FilbertFox says:

Too late Viv. Papers presented to court this week I hope otherwise my action fails. I went with a well respected firm of solicitors as recommended by a barrister friend (and Helen) I may be bring unfair of course it had been an emotional week.

28th Jan 2012, 11:51

MaggieD says:

Good luck with the case FF, all crossable appendages crossed

28th Jan 2012, 15:40

bethmadethis says:

Here's hoping you have one of these on your driveway soon. meep meep!

29th Jan 2012, 01:38

Dragon says:

If you ever get any compensation, buy a purple one. Red, apart from the hair, doesn't suit you!

29th Jan 2012, 08:56

Dhamaka says:

Good luck.l and yes, purple sounds like a great choice

29th Jan 2012, 09:16

Viv says:

yep definitely

ah -these court things do take a long time... good luck

29th Jan 2012, 10:51

FilbertFox says:

Oy Dragon, certain shades of red look nice!

29th Jan 2012, 16:29

Helen says:

PI claims take a horribly, horribly long time. It's a most frustrating area and claims like yours typically take 2, 3 maybe even more years to conclude. Each step seems to take forever. I really got a lot out of my clinical negligence seat, but I'm not sure I could work with the frustration that surrounds such claims.

I hope all goes well this week. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

29th Jan 2012, 20:16

Helen says:

(And make sure this buggy gets on the schedule of damages, maybe in purple.)

29th Jan 2012, 20:17

FilbertFox says:

Thank you Helen. Part of me wants to just walk (!) away from it all.

29th Jan 2012, 20:33

Helen says:

I can well appreciate that. But don't!

It's an unpleasant process and so intrusive. But hopefully it'll be worth it in the end. And once it's over, it's over and no more solicitors and medical experts and fighting over what's what. I just really hope it comes to a decent conclusion.

29th Jan 2012, 21:22

crickson says:

It needs a paint job - maybe some flames?

30th Jan 2012, 13:24

Geodyne says:

I've missed something - how did you injure yourself?

30th Jan 2012, 20:30

FilbertFox says:

Geo - I slipped in one of the labs at work.

30th Jan 2012, 20:41

Geodyne says:

Ow! Sorry to hear that. Much damage?

30th Jan 2012, 21:32

FilbertFox says:

my sciatic nerve is "compromised" i.e. it hurts like fcuk from arse to toe and mu leg is becoming increasingly feak and weeble

31st Jan 2012, 07:49

Dhamaka says:


2nd Feb 2012, 19:40

Dragon says:

Yeah, I know some reds look nice, especially if they have red leaves, but some reds clash.

5th Feb 2012, 08:46