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Yesterday on the A50 in NL.
They're building a bridge, parallel to the existing one, doubling the motorway's capacity at that point.
200m in front of me (or approximately fifteen seconds at motorway speeds) a huge crane that was working alongside the bridge toppled over, onto the carriage-way!
A truck at speed ran straight into it and wedged himself into the barrier on the far left. Scania total-loss. Drivers of the crane and the truck both unhurt, amazingly!
24th Jan 2012, 11:50  


billion says:

looks like a bit of a CRUNCH moment. what a spectacular accident.

24th Jan 2012, 12:28

Wendle says:

Effing hell.

24th Jan 2012, 13:24

Viv says:

didn't realise you were that close

24th Jan 2012, 14:01

JokerXL says:

I was on the rise at the start of the bridge when everything ground to a halt. They shut the motorway down completely behind us.
Emergency services started arriving about ten minutes later. A helicopter circled round a few times but didn't need to land.
I'm amazed, and pleased, no one was hurt. The crane driver sits down at the bottom of this type of crane, I saw later on the news, so was only tilted over a bit in his cab. The Scania was totalled, the front and right side of the cab opened up like a tin-opener. Luckily the driver sits left, but can you imagine the shock??

24th Jan 2012, 16:24

MaggieD says:

Oh my! thank goodness there were no casualties

24th Jan 2012, 19:23

Javama says:

Oh no! Glad no one was hurt. Glad you braved it out and didn't jump down from your cab and run away refusing ever to drive a lorry again.

25th Jan 2012, 14:36

JokerXL says:

Actually, feel like doing that most days. Two or three times today, down these little back roads of deepest, darkest Cirnwall.

25th Jan 2012, 15:50