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Watching Le Code A Changé

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21st Jan 2012, 14:45  


taniwha says:

In Swedish?

23rd Jan 2012, 13:33

taniwha says:

Oh hang on ... they woudlnt have Swedish subtitles if it was in Swedish would they ...

23rd Jan 2012, 13:33

billion says:

The subtitles appear to be in Polish...

23rd Jan 2012, 14:38

taniwha says:

Doh! Tak is Danish for 'thank you' not Swedish. It's Swedish for ceiling. And it's Polish for 'so'. So, are they appreciative blokes, men filling in an awkward pause or builders considering fixing the roof?

23rd Jan 2012, 14:55

billion says:

'Tak' is Polish for 'yes' but it doesn't surprise me that the same word means other things in other languages...

23rd Jan 2012, 15:04

taniwha says:

It's 'yes' not 'so'? Damn you google translate ... so much room for misunderstanding.

Actually, just looked up Swedish vocab. 'Tack' is thank you.

23rd Jan 2012, 15:18

billion says:

It can mean 'so' (as in 'very') in certain contexts. For example, 'jestem tak glodny' means 'I am so hungry'.

*stomach rumbles...

24th Jan 2012, 16:16

mysteritmo says:

Fun to read your comments - Now I can say a little bit in polish :)

Great movie btw: highly recommendable!

25th Jan 2012, 17:20

taniwha says:

But which language was the 'tak'?

25th Jan 2012, 18:27

mysteritmo says:

It is danish just like you found out! And it means "Thank you" :)

27th Jan 2012, 09:19