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Their forklift ran out of juice when I arrived, needs a 12hr charge. Well, that's me knocked off early then!
10th Jan 2012, 15:57  


taniwha says:

So that's your home for tonight? Where are you?

10th Jan 2012, 15:58

Viv says:


10th Jan 2012, 16:23

JokerXL says:

Woodgate, west side of Brum.
Quite a since spot really, on a guarded industrial estate, 24hr security, cameras, very quiet once everyone's gone home.

10th Jan 2012, 17:08

MaggieD says:

So what will you do for the evening?

10th Jan 2012, 17:41

JokerXL says:

There's a pub around the corner, but I don't think I can be bothered.
Was up at four in Belgium this morning, may just put on a DVD and fall asleep.

10th Jan 2012, 17:55

Wendle says:

If i drove, and didn't get road rage, i could so do this job.

11th Jan 2012, 17:41

JokerXL says:

If you wasn't a big girly girl Wendle.
Everybody knows it's a manly-man's job. Obviously perfectly suited to me.

I almost slept round the clock! Must've needed it.

11th Jan 2012, 19:01

Euphro says:

Nice vignetting :) Sleep well.

11th Jan 2012, 21:53

Wendle says:

Damn my lack of a penis.

12th Jan 2012, 08:49

JokerXL says:

As the actress said to the Bishop!

12th Jan 2012, 12:18

Dhamaka says:

hehe... good to hear you got some rest!

12th Jan 2012, 15:22

Javama says:

Good grief! I have been away all this time and find I still don't know how you cope with your job.

13th Jan 2012, 14:02

JokerXL says:

I like to think of it more as a "vocation" Javama, a "calling", a "way of life".
If I didn't I don't think I'd bother getting up in the mornings.
When I leave a place like this, once the forklift has charged-up, I can say "my work here is done" and move on with joy in my heart.
Nah, not really, but the money's good. Well it'd have to be, wouldn't it.

13th Jan 2012, 14:23