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Cambridge rebuilded

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I was in Cambridge today. Station road, right in the middle of town, right where you don't really want to be in a great big articulated lorry.
This building will be new student accommodation, due to be finished in April (yes, April this year).
The wind had blown all that fencing down, I was surprised they were still working at height, albeit inside.
They'll need to get a shift on though, I was delivering door frames, not doors, hundreds of metal door frames, so they all still have to go in.
Maybe I'll come back in March with the doors.
Maybe they'll have cleared up some of the ankle-deep mud by then.
5th Jan 2012, 21:19  


MaggieD says:

Oh my, is this really in the middle of town? I don't remember that amount of space .... love the pic .....

6th Jan 2012, 19:42

JokerXL says:

Station rd Maggie, top end, right next to the railway station, where the busses turn round.

7th Jan 2012, 04:35

MaggieD says:

Ah, I think I know where you mean. nice perspective :)

9th Jan 2012, 19:03

Geodyne says:

The whole station area has really been transformed in recent years.

I know the buses get in there, but it's not really where you want to be in an artic. were in Cambridge, and you didn't even think to look me up? For shame.

17th Jan 2012, 18:36

JokerXL says:

You're in Hobart!!
16,742km from here (in a straight line)
I looked That up!

17th Jan 2012, 19:22

Helen says:

You're so busted.

17th Jan 2012, 20:19

JokerXL says:

I did "think" about looking you up Tara. And then dismissed it as a mad, ridiculous folly, doomed to disaster from the start. And I had a huuuge argument with the building site foreman who didn't want to let me off site coz I'd drag (his) mud out onto the street.
Het let me off site. There was mud.

18th Jan 2012, 07:55

Geodyne says:

Hah, you've almost redeemed yourself.

Helen: Busted perhaps, but he didn't know I wasn't there at the time!

19th Jan 2012, 22:06

Helen says:

Exactly, Geo, exactly.

He'll just have to pop over to Aus to see you to make up for it.

19th Jan 2012, 22:11

Geodyne says:

He's so full of remorse he's already arranged to do that!

I do love a healthy bit of guilt.

19th Jan 2012, 23:14