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I hear Moblog has had a shot of adrenaline. Here's hoping!

Been away a while. kept falling asleep at the keyboard.
This is an example of what I like to do these days; iPhone4 snaps fully post-processed in-phone using various Apps, layer-on-layer.
Hopefully I'll be impressed by the lightning speed of Moblog and stick around a while.
Anyone still remember me from the good ole days; Hiya's! The Joker's BACK!
18th Dec 2011, 13:02  


moblogmods says:

hi - glad we got you sorted

18th Dec 2011, 13:44

Essitam says:

I remember you. It's nice to be back and seemingly flying :)

18th Dec 2011, 15:41

MaggieD says:

Yay! good to see you back and ace pic

18th Dec 2011, 18:29

JokerXL says:

Hey, I know you two lovelies!
Good to see you again!
Things are looking very very good here.
I think I may stay, a much better class of geek here.

18th Dec 2011, 18:35

MaggieD says:

me a geek,
what a cheek!

18th Dec 2011, 18:45

Essitam says:

I'm hanging out again. Hoping to catch up with a few people and look at some pretty pics

18th Dec 2011, 18:59

JokerXL says:

In a good way Maggie, a very talented and arty-geek.
It's running at lightning speed Essitam, me with the attention span of a Goldfish with ADHD, don't get the chance to wander off before the page has loaded!

18th Dec 2011, 19:09

Caine says:

Yay, you're back! Missed you. Missed everyone.

Love this shot.

18th Dec 2011, 20:08

JokerXL says:

Thank you Caine! Good to be here.
And tnx for the HL!

19th Dec 2011, 05:28

Wendle says:

Joker! My sweetcorn loving buddy! Welcome back!

20th Dec 2011, 14:24

JokerXL says:

Hiya Wendle,
Still munchin' the corn, yeah.
We had three types of corn on the plate the other day; puréed corn with red chilli, roasted baby corn-cobs and popcorn with bacon dust.

20th Dec 2011, 14:56

Wendle says:

Okay, the first two sound beautiful, but bacon dust!? Nonono.

20th Dec 2011, 15:13

JokerXL says:

Not this time Taniwha, it's the boring British version, not the Billy Connolly one, unfortunately.

21st Dec 2011, 12:45

Waves and two HL's ! yep you're back :)

22nd Dec 2011, 09:06

JokerXL says:

Well Slg, you know me, never the shy and retiring one.
Glad to be back, site's working at hyper-speed!

22nd Dec 2011, 10:20

good isnt it ?

22nd Dec 2011, 11:57