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Hello World from the lab!

Part spider - part lab monkey, will do science for cash, strawberries, or for a place to be that's out of the rain (but preferably for cash).

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RCSB Protein data bank: Molecule of the Month in alphabetical order

The PCR Song It's the little things that keep you going...

NCBI's Entrez Gene My favourite starting point for finding out what is known about any gene of interest.

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The Genetic Code - table of the DNA/RNA triplet codes for amino acids. This is how DNA codes for protein.

Another PCR song Disco frenzy :)

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This week I have been mostly babysitting these hungry little red poplar leaf beetle larvae (Chrysomela populi). And when I say hungry, I mean really, really hungry! They go through a dramatic series of moults before finally pupating and turning into the cute, speedy (also hungry) adults. This lot haven't got that far yet, but hopefully I'll see a few of the later stages of development too.
17th Sep 2011, 20:21  


Dania says:

Fascinating. I love what they did to that leaf in the bottom. Bug art!

18th Sep 2011, 00:41

Caine says:

Amazing shots. I see leaves like this every year. We don't have poplars on our property though. Something works on cottonwood leaves in the same manner!

18th Sep 2011, 03:56

Viv says:

amazing job:)

20th Sep 2011, 14:14

Euphro says:

Nice title!

28th Sep 2011, 20:14

crickson says:

Interesting that they seem to avoid the vascular tissue - I suppose they can't digest the lignin?

30th Sep 2011, 08:14

crickson says:

Probably more tactile than that - the lignified vessels would be stiffer.

I actually know b*gger all about insect grazing on leaves - I'm just guessing.

30th Sep 2011, 09:04