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Am I Falling for Her

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Date-27th July 2011
Today for the first time i felt something very strange.It was a normal school day, i reached early as usual for the basketball practise.When we were through with the practise,i rushed for my class.When i entered the classroom something happened that i never expected. As i reached for my chair,i saw her laughing and her smile had a welcoming warmth.I was totally zapped by her smile as it had magical tendencies.She sits just behind me.But today,i couldn't get my eyes off her.Everytime she smiled,it drove me crazy.Today,i could see the depth in her eyes,the innocence,the shyness.I dont know what this was but i feel as of now the feeling is such that i can regard her as my crush.I don't know what she feels about me but i am not letting her go so easily.!!
27th Jul 2011, 16:49   | tags:,


Dhamaka says:

ahhh... :)

27th Jul 2011, 16:59

Viv says:

You old romantic Dhamaka :)

Great image to start your blog with...

and mystery - is the girl real or imaginary...

27th Jul 2011, 18:21

Dhamaka says:


28th Jul 2011, 11:50

thanks @ dhamaka @viv thanks... btw the girl is real..

28th Jul 2011, 13:27

Dhamaka says:

so I wish you every success :)

28th Jul 2011, 21:26

Viv says:

good luck from me too :)

29th Jul 2011, 14:57

MaggieD says:

Lovely pic

29th Jul 2011, 20:14

Cris2I says:

Wow! :)

1st Aug 2011, 10:04

euphoria420 says:

aw =]

1st Aug 2011, 21:49