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Yesterday I spent about 20 minutes in a rather uncomfortable position (totally worth it) photographing this lovely hoopoe. These guys are a bit shy, so I was very happy to stay that close to one for such a long period of time. Didn't seem too concerned, as you can see.

I did try to catch it in flight, but no luck. Also, it didn't open its crest for me. They're even more impressive when they do that.

Still, it made me happy. :)
13th Jul 2011, 22:15   | tags:,,,


crickson says:

Great shots, especially the first and last.

13th Jul 2011, 22:17

Dania says:

Thanks, crickson. I especially like the last one, too. Like a dance move. :)

13th Jul 2011, 22:20

killer bunny says:

Spectacular shots! Were you really so close?

The bird is sitting in such an odd position, too- I wonder if he (?she) was as uncomfortable as you were.

14th Jul 2011, 03:02

Dania says:

Thanks, killer bunny! I was at about 10 meters from the bird, I think. Not terribly close, but I took these with the optical zoom at its maximum and then did some cropping. But closer than I had ever been from a hoopoe, yes.

S/he (no idea) landed on the top of a old cane vertically stuck into the ground. Looked uncomfortable to me too, but what do I know.

14th Jul 2011, 09:15

Viv says:

just awesome!

14th Jul 2011, 14:50

Dania says:

Thank you, Viv. :)

14th Jul 2011, 23:57

Spidermonkey says:

They are fantastic looking birds - great shots! I distinctly remember 1st seeing the hoopoe in the back of my "Guide to British Birds" and thinking "What on earth is that?". It looked so out of place with all the small brown birds and endless types of pigeon/dove that preceded it. I've never seen a wild one in UK that's for sure though maybe they are found down south.

15th Jul 2011, 07:53

Dania says:

Thank you. I suspect you're right about them being found down south in the UK. I think they generally become more common the more to the south you go, wherever you are in Europe. Generally. :)

15th Jul 2011, 15:58

Sprocket says:

oh my, my most favouritest bird in the world, you lucky lucky thing, thank you for sharing these

25th Jul 2011, 20:39

Dania says:

Glad you liked them, Sprocket. :)

27th Jul 2011, 10:45

love this series of pictures too.

27th Jul 2011, 12:15