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Children, especially little boys, love cars and other activities associated with it. One such car that kids adore is the Disney Cars and your kid would love to have a Disney Car party favors theme for his birthday. Disney cars is a very popular movie enjoyed both by kids as well as adults. There are a lot of websites that can guide you in arranging for such a theme for your kid's birthday.

First of all you need to get started with the birthday invitations. You can either purchase Disney Cars themed invitations from the internet or create your own ones. These cards are easy to make provided you have the necessary creative skills and time. Cut out pictures of Lightning McQueen, Luigi, Doc and Ramone and paste them along with the photo of your child. You can complete the invitations by adding wordings inviting the kids to the party, specifying the date, time and venue.

The next part is the decorations. Banners can be made by using the Disney Cars movie decors. Balloons in shades of black, red and white can be hung from the ceilings. You might even want to add backdrops and wall decals that are easily available in many of the online stores. Tablecloths, paper plates, cups and napkins can be purchased having the Disney Cars theme to it.

Now you might want to keep the kids busy as you wait for the other guests to arrive. The best way to do so is by indulging them into some fun filled activities. You might consider buying some coloring books and a box of crayons and asking the kids to color. Another way to keep them busy is to buy some car sticker sheets and giving them to the children.

The most exciting part of this Disney Cars party favors theme is the food and the beverages. Kids love all sorts of food especially the birthday cake. The cake can be ordered or baked in the form of any of the Disney Cars character. Other food items can be given unique names and fruit juices and milkshakes can be served as beverages. Desserts can be served in the form of ice creams, fruit salads and many more.

Party games add life to the party and kids enjoy them thoroughly. Some of the most popular games adored by both the adults and the kids are McQueen says, Car race, T-shirt painting competition, identify the Disney Cars character and many more.

Party favors are adored by all kids since they get to play with their favorite toys. You can either personally fill them up with your own items like activity books, stickers, toy cars, cookies and candies or purchase them from any of the Disney stores along with a thank you note.

Your little kid and his friends will thoroughly enjoy this birthday bash and remember it throughout his life. There are a lot of blogs and articles that give out tips and advice on how to make the Disney Car party favors theme a success with minimum effort. This is one of the best gifts that you can give your little boy and make him a star amongst his friends.

2.Boys of all ages love cars and other modes of transport. They love to race them with their friends and many of them always dream of having their own car themed bedroom dcor. Well, you can now fulfill his wish by these fabulous Disney Cars wall stickers that are available in many online stores. Your kid will not only be thrilled, but will also lend you a helping hand for designing it.
Disney Cars

Now these wall decals also come with other additional accessories that will bring your kid's bedroom to life. The walls can be painted in bright red, yellow or rich colors to bring out their significance. It will not only make the room look lively, but will also add a sporty feel to the room. Since Disney cars is a story based on cars, and then the room should also have items related to it.

No bedroom dcor is completed with only wall stickers. Curtains can be replaced with royal blue or navy blue drapes and the cot can be shaped in the form of Lightning McQueen racer car. You might even consider painting wardrobes and drawers in blue and red and adding these wall stickers to the shelves. You can even order for blankets and pillow covers that star these famous Disney characters.

Now no racing car is without a track. To add more to the theme, along with the Disney Cars wall stickers, you might want to consider painting a race track or a road along with bridges, greenery, stop signs etc so that he can use them for the other toy cars and trucks he already owns. If you live in a rented house, then you can have a themed rug that comes with different Disney cars character like Mater, Doc and Ramone.

These wall decals are made from vinyl so it becomes easier for you to peel them off walls. Now it is not necessary that these have to be placed in walls, you can even have them placed in top of furnitures, shelves and even on the ceilings. These do not damage the walls or cause ant sort of cracks or holes in them. In order to create a more innovative look, you can even add checkered flags on the walls near their wall decals.

Kids' moods keep changing frequently. Sometimes they may like their favorite wall sticker on the walls, other times they may want it to be placed at different locations. Some may prefer stickers on their dressing tables, while others may like them on the floor. You do not have to worry about such issues, since these kids wall stickers are of low maintenance and can be removed in one quick motion.

These special wall stickers can easily convert a simple bedroom in a sporty one. A lot of tips and advice can be got from a number of blogs and websites and some may even come with photos or snaps to give you the picture on how the room should look like. These also act as a great knowledge tool and signify the importance of traffic and safety rules in children.

These wall stickers can be used for any and every occasion. These Disney Cars wall stickers can brighten up any kid's day. You can even use them as themes for birthday parties or special occasions related to your kid. They will be very happy and will always remember this theme for the rest of their lives.

3.This is such a fun party theme because kids love cars! And McQueen is such a likable character. Party supplies are easy to find and there is even a great cake topper kit so you can make and decorate your own party cake. The film begins with Lightning preparing for the Piston Cup, one of the biggest races in the US. This first race ends up as a tie between McQueen and The King and a rowdy car named Chick Hicks. They must now have a rematch on a California track.

McQueen falls out of his race car trailer on the way to California and finds his way into a small town named Radiator Springs on Route 66. When he gets there he is pursued by the town's Sheriff. During this chase, McQueen makes a mess of the small town's roads. He is arrested and the next day there is a hearing in front of Doc Hudson, the town judge and an old racecar himself.

When the judge finds out McQueen is a racecar, he asks that the young racecar be released and charges be dismissed. Sally, a lawyer, objects since the roads are now in disrepair and need to be fixed. The Judge decides to free McQueen with the condition that he fix the roads before he can leave town.

McQueen is upset, but has no choice. He is followed everywhere by the Sheriff, Mater, and can't escape. He soon learns that Doc Hudson is a three time Piston Cup winner who was kicked out of the race car scene after an accident. McQueen learns a valuable lesson in this sleepy little town. He finds out that friends are more important than racecar fame. He finds himself in love with Sally and she loves him right back.

The racecar trailer, Mack, comes back to find him and brings the media with him. McQueen finds himself back on the road to California and the race world. Come racing day, McQueen is feeling very confused. He wants to race, and he wants to go back to Radiator Springs.

With Doc Hudson on board as his race crew chief the tie breaking race begins. Chick Hicks begins to play dirty when McQueen takes the lead. Hicks bangs into The King, injuring him and sending him off the track. McQueen goes back to help The King while Chick drives on to win the race. Lightning pushes the King over the finish line.

are very much loved by little kids. Little children would love to have any Disney cars clothing as a token of their undying affection towards Disney cars. Car is an animated film taken out by Disney in 2006.The moviepremiered on May 26, 2006 at Lowe's Motor Speedway and was released in 2006. It succeeded in receiving favorable reviews. The movie was nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Animated Feature, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. Since then cars clothing had gained a large popularity among little kids.

Disney had always taken out accessories and clothing after the release of a movie as a part of its marketing strategy.
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