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I'm a foxy cocodril... welcome ;)

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cuba, 9th trip :-)

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Fiona is my favorite cat in all cuba!!!
24th Jan 2011, 21:45  


mysteritmo says:

Love the first and third. Faved.

24th Jan 2011, 22:04


24th Jan 2011, 22:37

minushabens says:

lovely. felicidades!

25th Jan 2011, 00:22

Viv says:

top one - full of 'joie de vivre'

25th Jan 2011, 00:50

thank you, minushabens! i'm so old now!!!

Viv, and it is common to see those guys at 6-7 am on Malecon!!!

btw, I thought Fiona will get highlight! :-)

25th Jan 2011, 08:43

JokerXL says:

9th trip??
You like it there then?

25th Jan 2011, 11:02

yep ;-)
february would be 10th!
bfish was there 3 times already :-) i think he hates going there with me ;-)))))

25th Jan 2011, 12:02

MaggieD says:

Love this series, Cuba is on my 'to do list' I want to go before it all falls apart .....

25th Jan 2011, 20:02

it will never fall apart, trust me :-)

25th Jan 2011, 20:05

MaggieD says:

I certtainly hope it will not .... and if I had to put my trust in anyone I would put it the likes of you and bfish .....

25th Jan 2011, 21:34

rhys says:

Brilliant. Cuba is now added to my mental map of where to visit!

25th Jan 2011, 22:16

for last 7 years nothing has changed. maybe they have a bit more freedom in private business but it exactly not falling apart ;-)
as in every country there lots of pluses and minuses, good friendly people and tricky bastards. just really like everywhere.
usually europeans are afraid of visiting 3dt world countries cause there is no stability but there is nothing that scary, really. cubans lived their life same way before castro and nothing would be changed after. they have to wake up, eating and nothing to do as always, everyday :-)
but you really better visit it only once. otherwise you will feel like me - like nothing surprising

26th Jan 2011, 03:53

Caine says:

Wonderful shots, Stella! And I agree about Fiona. :)

27th Mar 2011, 19:24

Sprocket says:

heh heh heh, love the kitty katt

27th Mar 2011, 22:42