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"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints"

Chief Seattle (1786–1866) leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish Native American tribes

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A Changing Outlook!

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1. Sun-up.
2. Roach off the bow skipper!
3. Woodsmoke on the air.
4. The Mill on Gallows Hill.

The past couple of days have been truly wonderful for all sorts of reasons, but mostly because the wind and rain of the weekend has been replaced by the Sun, which has shone all day through the azure blue of our atmosphere.

Yesterday two Tornados flew directly overhead at less than 300' with their four RB119's thundering in unison and exciting the world around them. It is a sight and sound I have never tired of and stirs an emotion that I've never been able to shake whenever I see and here it. The big sedate 'ducted fan' engines of today's commercial jets can never compete with the raw power of a reheated bypass turbofan and the thrust it imparts to the aerodynamic shape and speed of a fighter aircraft. I include the few remaining RAF VC10 aircraft here too for the sheer thrill of unfettered take-off power and speed.

Today, a much more relevant 'bird of prey' that shares our 'watery garden' could be enjoyed, as a buzzard circled the boat calling across the landscape as it played in the weak thermals holding it aloft. He was followed by a kestrel hovering above the undergrowth on the opposite bank from us. Beautiful

All this while I've been sat doing a spot of fishing with the warmth of the sun on my face. Even the fish came readily to a breaded hook in the shape of fit little red-fins.

Ginny walked into Great Bowden with Gunner to pay a visit to the village shop and post-office. On the way back she took a sweeping detour through the fields to let Gunner stretch his legs chasing anything that, from a distance, resembled a rabbit; even if it was only a tuft of grass on otherwise flat terrain.

The forecast is good for a day or two yet so a logging I will go. Ginny has always got her eyes open for a tree willing to give up an unobtrusive branch or two or one that has already divested itself of a limb as a result of a 'blow'. Thus it was today whereby I dutifully went off to bring back a few boughs of ash in readiness for the chainsaw tomorrow.

I'll show you the results tomorrow.
19th Jan 2011, 19:51  


taniwha says:

What beautiful colours. Could be autumn! Envy you your home sometimes.

23rd Jan 2011, 19:17

Will says:

We love our floating home and the ever-changing hues of the scenery that surrounds us.

23rd Jan 2011, 19:51