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Join us in the countdown to Christmas. Sorry no chocolate!
But we can give you a new post each day, from 25 different 'mobloggers', who will give us their perspective on the season.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a splendid New Year.

May 2015 be a good year for our small community and the wider world!

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11th December - Walking in a winter wonderland

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A very Merry Christmas to all the dear Mobloggers I do know and those I have yet to meet.

G xx

Posted by Sprocket

11th Dec 2010, 00:05  

What fabulous colors, and the silhouettes and their shadows.... An awesome composition!


11th Dec 2010, 00:22

Sprocket says:

thank you Mr X – now probably wouldn't be a good time to admit that I was drunk as a skunk when I took this

11th Dec 2010, 00:27

Viv says:

Fabulous Gavin :)

11th Dec 2010, 01:54

Sprocket says:

thank you Viv

11th Dec 2010, 06:41

MandyP says:

It is fab; are those star shapes mixed into the sparkliness?

11th Dec 2010, 06:57

Sprocket says:

Not sue if those are star shapes. Going back there today, so will investigate in detail.

11th Dec 2010, 09:42

Dhamaka says:

this place is great, isn't it.. Will be taking shots here too as I think it's the best decorated part of London this year
(they're 4-sided arches, joining in an x at the top)

11th Dec 2010, 10:20

crickson says:

Lovely shot, the people are framed really well by the arches. Well done!

11th Dec 2010, 10:44

Wendle says:

Merry Christmas to you, too!

11th Dec 2010, 13:11

Cris2I says:

Wow so beautiful. Merry Christmas!

11th Dec 2010, 18:32

Sprocket says:

thank you all :-)

11th Dec 2010, 20:08

mysteritmo says:

Fantastic light. Merry Christmas! :)

11th Dec 2010, 23:42

jc1000000 says:

How did you get onto the Tron grid? Could you nab me a lightcycle? And a daft punk CD? Oh and if you could give one of the hot 'programs' my number i would be forever indebted.

12th Dec 2010, 07:16

taniwha says:

So beautiful!!

12th Dec 2010, 09:19

nige says:

Looks like South Molton Street; is it? Lovely.

12th Dec 2010, 12:43

Nic says:

Lovely. Merry Christmas.

12th Dec 2010, 16:39

Sprocket says:

tis indeed South Molton Street

12th Dec 2010, 17:08

MaggieD says:

Love it, love it, love it ........ and thank you for your card, I will wear it with pride .... especially as it has a much more flattering nose ;) ....

12th Dec 2010, 19:59

Sprocket says:

@MD :-)

12th Dec 2010, 20:23

Dania says:

Fabulous composition, no doubt!

12th Dec 2010, 21:23