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As I promised, here are some shots showing the geological richness of that beach where I shoot the sand hopper.

1. An obvious angular unconformity. The lower rocks (schists and greywackes from over 270 million years ago) are visibly folded. The red sandstone on top was formed about 230 million years ago after the immersion, folding, emersion, weathering, erosion and immersion of the lower rocks. Or something along those lines. :D

2. Cliff. Red sandstone-to-limestone transition.

3. Fossilized burrow.

4. Weathered sandstone.

5. Conglomerate.

I'm sure there was much more interesting stuff there that I missed. Next time I'm kidnapping a geologist to take with me. :D


Caine says:


27th Jul 2010, 20:24

Dania says:

Thanks, Caine! I just wish our friend Geologist Josh was around to give a more detailed and accurate explanation of it all. I've been missing him a lot...

27th Jul 2010, 22:16

Caine says:

I wish he knew how much he was missed. Well, if you track him down, you know which geologist to kidnap. ;)

27th Jul 2010, 22:30

AngelKaida says:

All of these are beautiful, but that first one made my jaw drop. /That never happens./ Fantastic shots. What a wonderful place.

28th Jul 2010, 05:02

Dania says:

Thanks, AngelKaida. It is indeed a wonderful place and the trip I had to make to get there is just as wonderful. Actually, the next shots I'm going to post to the birds group were taken during that trip. :)

28th Jul 2010, 10:46

Viv says:


7th Oct 2010, 23:10